More Beauty Than Beast Eau de Parfum (2018)
by The Rising Phoenix Perfumery


More Beauty Than Beast Eau de Parfum information

Year of Launch2018
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

HouseThe Rising Phoenix Perfumery
PerfumerJK DeLapp

About More Beauty Than Beast Eau de Parfum

More Beauty Than Beast Eau de Parfum is a shared / unisex perfume by The Rising Phoenix Perfumery. The scent was launched in 2018 and the fragrance was created by perfumer JK DeLapp

More Beauty Than Beast Eau de Parfum fragrance notes

Reviews of More Beauty Than Beast Eau de Parfum

This review is based on the EDP concentration.

More Beauty Than Beast EDP opens with a powdery blood-orange accord which reminds me of fruity bubblegum flavour and orange flavoured effervescent tablet. It gives me a bizarrely artificial feeling, yet I smell a similar accord in Aftelier Candide.

The fragrance then changes in an incremental manner, but these small course corrections will eventually cumulate into a quite different stage of its development. At first, an inky and animalic indolic jasmine starts to bloom on vines of amber, warmed up by clove and cinnamon. The whole effect is not dissimilar to Tauer Le Maroc pour Elle to me.

The next stage is about 2 hours in, when buttery ylang takes the front place of jasmine. This buttery ylang together with the spicy, slightly meaty and incense-y clove and the tender amber base, makes an opulent, sensual floriental. I’d been struggling with a few ylang-vanilla/amber fragrances, as sometimes they evoke a plastic sweetness to me. Clove can also smell metallic or plastic to me in certain compositions. But with More Beauty Than Beast, I indeed get the most beauty out of these wonderful notes, without any monstrous (according to my taste) quality.

The ylang eventually fades into an buttery undertone after about 6 hours, and MBTB is now mostly a vanilla and incense-y amber in the far dry down. It projects a bit further than a few Rising Phoenix oils, but the longevity is short of 8 hours, while the oils all stretch to at least 10 hours.

Even I find the opening weirdly like artificial flavour, it's not unpleasant to me, and I thoroughly enjoy every bit of the following stage, especially when the glory of this buttery ylang and fuzzy warm clove reigns the composition. All the ingredients work in harmony and intertwine among themselves, without turning the composition into a muddled mess. I'd definitely recommend it to those who are looking for a buttery ylang, or a luxurious, spicy warm floriental in general.
02nd October, 2017
It's an aromatic and spicy mix buoyed up by citrus (grapefruit), with a really interesting doughy or papery note that I can't identify (possibly from sandalwood). It has a lovely effect on me, lifting my mood and calming me. I get a 'salve' or 'embrocation' feeling from it, almost more medicinal than perfume-like at this stage. It's also got that great lightness and balsamic mix which is perfect for daytime. The rum note is not boozy-sweet but has the dry aromatic/dark sugar feel of aged Barceló rum (which was a weapon of choice of mine with soda and fresh lemon juice in my gilded youth).

After half an hour, there's a lovely complex vanilla and sandalwood backdrop rising around the freshness.
29th August, 2017

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