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Elysium pour Homme Cologne (2017)
by Roja Dove


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Year of Launch2017
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Elysium pour Homme Cologne

Elysium pour Homme Cologne is a masculine fragrance by Roja Dove. The scent was launched in 2017

Reviews of Elysium pour Homme Cologne

Reminds me of BdC or Sauvage but a bit more fruity sweet and cedar wood. Doesn't smell cheap, so if you're wishing Sauvage was a little more refined, this could be a good alternative. There’s also some nice, clean vetiver deep into the drydown.

Average projection during the first 4 hours then gets close to skin. Longevity is very good, I can still smell it 12 hours after applying.

I do see how some can get an Aventus feel from this but there's just no essential smoke/birch that I can pick out in Elysium, so that's where this differs.
24th May, 2018
Artisanal meets mainstream. A casual scent to expand the horizons of the brand and its reach among casual scent users. Roja has always been revered a serious perfumer who creates not perfumes but stories but once in a while he does seem to let it go.

Opening is a Powerful soapy wormwood/artemisia laced with plenty of sparkling, cheerful grapefruit along with ozonic ambroxan, the fruitiness clearly inspired from popular men's colognes like Aventus/Sauvage/Dylan Blue etc. Strange and not immediately likeable. Soon things get a bit better when the quality ingredients such as the boozy vanilla and sweetsour blackcurrent come to the forefront. The scent dries into prominent flat piney canadian cedar alongwith greenapple and loud pink peppers reminding you of a polarising PDM Layton. I sense a lot of coumarin. The florientals never quite come up to be noticeable.

Performance is very good with a decent sillage. A 100pc compliment getter because it is born to please others as opposed to self. True to the spirit of the fougere genre, the scent is blended exceptionally well as per usual Roja standards. The transitions are clear and applaud worthy. However, not a unique scent that i was looking forward to. This is one of the best beginner scents for someone who wants to jump into the artisanal category of scents.

The scent completely lacks mystery or sensuality for depth seeking connoisseurs. Its an easy to wear, approachable, attractive scent done with superb blending. So, if you are a hardcore Roja fan, you may want to spend a good amount of time with a sample or a discovery vial first. This will be one of the biggest successes for Roja because of its generalised appeal.
18th November, 2017
I've been comparing BDC EDP and Elysium PC for a week now. While I understand how we all draw comparisons of the two I cannot stress how different they are the more I wear the two.

The Chanel is no where near as evolving or dynamic as the Roja. While both have similar citrus openings Elysium has a juicy tartness about it, it just feels much more fruity and vibrant.

Bleu de Chanel also stays fairly linear, it remains woody and ambery for a long time, Elysium on the other hand turns into a soft musk and peppery scent with some woody and vanilla undertones, but it never looses that vibrant fruitiness, this fruitiness makes Elysium a tad sweeter.

As ironic as it sounds, when comparing the two the Chanel actually smells much more "cologney", meaning much more over-the-counter. Even though I love Bleu de Chanel EDP I must say that Elysium has it beat in all areas except for performance (which is still quite close in comparison).

I can say that this is probably the very first really mass appealing scent from Roja, but this is by no means a generic scent! It is quite complex like all other Roja creations, and just when you think how can someone make an opulent, multi-dimensional and modern scent that is steps above the other similar-styled fragrances on the market today Roja does it again!
26th August, 2017

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