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Gucci Bloom (2017)
by Gucci


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Year of Launch2017
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerAlberto Morillas
Creative DirectorAlessandro Michele

About Gucci Bloom

Gucci Bloom is a feminine perfume by Gucci. The scent was launched in 2017 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Alberto Morillas

Reviews of Gucci Bloom

I'm surprised that this has been the commercial success that it is, given its notes are often accused of making a perfume smell like an "old lady" (the words used by many people who are inexperienced in describing perfumes, not I). A few years back I myself didn't enjoy heavy white florals and thought that I loathed jasmine in perfumes. It turned out that I just wasn't smelling the right ones that were blended in a way that I could love. And once I did I began to appreciate white floral perfumes, which allows me to own and enjoy this one like I do today.

Because this is strictly floral and nothing but the floral, and they are some of the strongest heavy hitters in the floral perfume world (tuberose, jasmine, honeysuckle) it could have easily been too overwhelming, but Morillas has managed to blend and create a solid release under a mainstream name that showcases an under appreciated genre in designer scents, and do it in a classy way that is easy to understand by people of all ages. There will be some people who still do not "get" or like this scent, but I've seen a lot of people warm up to the idea of this release who might have been saying the same thing I did a few years ago (jasmine perfumes smell like p**p!) I've seen it on the dressing tables and Instagram pictures of many beauty influencers who's signature scents used to be Vera Wang Princess and Pink Sugar. This is quite a step in a direction of different and seemingly more mature. This perfume brings the hope that perfume houses might start creating and releasing a variety of scents in their showcase, rather than 94 of the same exact scent with a different colored bow on the bottle. (Now granted, they have released 2 flankers of this scent in particular already, but anything that is the antithesis of LVEB mean I'm not arguing.)

To bring it all back to what this scent smells like and not necessarily its role in the marketing and release world of designer fragrances- this is a pleasant and "crowd pleasing" white floral. Unless you really just do not like floral perfumes, this will not your ruffle feathers, but a test on skin is still recommended- no matter how tempting those influencer's dressing table pics with this bottle may be. On my skin, this does go a bit indolic in a way that if it were any stronger I would've recoiled away in disgust, but it is such a light touch to the lushness of these florals that I really do not mind. In fact, it adds a touch of intrigue to this scent that causes me to keep whiffing to see if that's really what I smell. I wind up huffing myself like a crazy person, before I decide on the fact that I find the scent oddly pleasing and comforting.

I've read a lot of reviews that suggest many people do not get this slightly animalic smell and instead have only found a basic nonoffensive white floral smell with a touch of greenness, so don't let this turn you off of testing. I'm used to my white florals always having a woody amber/vanilla base so it could just be that I am unfamiliar with the smell of a true floral fragrance completely exposed. If you are too, this is a really good place to start.

Sillage is actually really good with around 5-6 sprays I smell myself all day, which means this fragrance lasts all day. I sprayed mine last night and I'm smelling it well into the morning all around me. I'm not sure if this means anything, but my bottle's atomizer is very fine as well. When it sprays, I almost do not feel any liquid touching my skin, and I feared that my bottle may be defective. But the performance on my skin tells me that this bottle just has unique mechanisms that allow a less saturated application and more skin/clothing to be fragranced. This is probably why I experience such great performance and I'm greatly impressed by this as I have many perfume bottles, and I don't remember any of them having this feature.
05th March, 2019
I'm one of those people who loves tuberose in theory but hates it in practise. It's over-used to suggest an erotic theme and has an astonishing ability to dominate a fragrance to the exclusion of pretty much any note less forceful than household bleach. Gucci has, therefore, achieved something impressive in creating a tuberose I actually like.

Bloom is lightweight and fresh, capturing the moisture of tuberose without feeling tired and humid. It doesn't have enormous longevity (at least not when applied with a light hand), but it's a very wearable floral which definitely isn't run-of-the-mill.
04th September, 2018
Not impressed. I had high hopes. It was candy store sweet that reeked of cheapness.
13th August, 2018
Bloom is the newest perfume by Gucci brand that appeared in 2017. New creative director Alessandro Michele and famous “nose” Alberto Morillas decided to freshen up Gucci’s perfume collection with two unusual editions, for the brand but also for entire designer line. They’ve made a bigger step with male perfume (if you can call it like that because the basic assumption is that to smell good) Gucci Guilty Absolute, and then with retro Bloom perfume,

Gucci Bloom has a soliflore composition that, as the name says, consists of only one flower, in this case, tuberose. Of course, in reality perfumes don’t have only one ingredient and in soliflore’s case, it’s the question of mixing the scent notes in a way that only one stands out. In Gucci Bloom fragrance tuberose is backed by jasmine and Rangoon Creeper ivy or Chinese honeysuckle (Combretum Indicum) that was allegedly never used in perfume industry. This interesting flower is growing in tropical areas of Vietnam, Burma, and Thailand and with its opulent scent and color that changes daily from white to pink and finally red, it attracts both insects and people.

Tuberose’s characteristic is its peculiar, heavy scent that people either love or loathe. That highly polarizing effect doesn’t stop with tuberose scent note since Gucci Bloom soliflore composition also divides people, like a jingle that we hear on the radio that we either hum or it annoys us every time we hear it. My first reaction to Gucci Bloom was negative, an overdose of floral juices that immediately prompted a desire for something fresh and green, like cis-3-hexyl or triplal which is odd since creative director Alessandro Michele said that he “wanted a scent that will transport you immediately to a garden full of flowers and greens.” But it went into my nose, ear, mind…Now I’m glad I gave it another chance because I believe it is one of the better novelties this fall.

If you pick this perfume be careful because with Gucci Bloom it’s all about the art of applying the fragrance. Too little will cause nausea, to much a headache. If you put it in the too warm room you will smell like the inside of flower ship and in too cold room, it will smell like an ice cream which best to date has expired. But with the right temperature and in right conditions…you will smell heavenly. I would suggest you use it only during long walks when the temperature is between 10 to 25 C.

The way the perfume was presented is surprising. “Garden as beautiful as women: with many colors, wild, different, full of everything. Gucci Bloom embodies this garden to attract you to a place that no longer exists.” But there is no garden. It’s about one flower, tuberose. Not only that entire Gucci Bloom is focused on it but also the entire perfume industry as it is the most expensive ingredient in the world, destined by a subtle and refined method of enfleurage. It you like tuberose and perfumes like Dyptique Do Son or Frederic Malle Carnal Flower, be sure to try Gucci Bloom next time you visit your favorite perfume shop.
04th November, 2017
Beside Rush, I am not an owner of a Gucci perfume. None of them suits me. I am sorry I had no chance to smell Envy because I heard it was a beautiful creation.
Now, let’s talk about Bloom. Tuberose is a nice flower but it can be very heavy. 2017 seems to be a tuberose year: Twilly, Gabrielle and now Gucci Bloom. I bet that by the end of the year there will be more perfumes that have tuberose as a starting point.
The fragrance opens with a sweet tuberose. The sweetness comes from honeysuckle, a flower from heaven with a gorgeous smell. So, I get a sweet, wonderful tuberose because it is the diva in this composition.
The perfume is linear with a tuberose which dominates the other notes. Sweet but not sickly, sharp but not annoying, loud but not disturbing. A classic composition made for all those who love white flowers.
The dry-down is a little powdery and balsamic maybe due to orris root, but still full of tuberose.
Projection and longevity are very good.
Gucci Bloom is a very nice fragrance where the tuberose is very well represented. It is different from others perfumes and bold in its own way. A good floral for the floral lovers.
16th October, 2017
I love tuberose but, although this is well balanced, this floral is a bit too fresh, too green and too light for me.
18th September, 2017

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