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Gabrielle (2017)
by Chanel


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Year of Launch2017
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

PerfumerChristopher Sheldrake
PerfumerOlivier Polge
PerfumerJacques Polge
Parent CompanyWertheimer

About Gabrielle

Gabrielle is a feminine perfume by Chanel. The scent was launched in 2017 and the fragrance was created by perfumers Jacques Polge, Olivier Polge and Christopher Sheldrake

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Stardate 20170912:

Chanel does Sauvage. Or, perhaps more apt, Blue de Chanel Pour femme.
Inoffensive, safe and boring.
12th September, 2017
Gabrielle opens with a modern, bracing, soapy aldehyde and sweet mandarine, not the vintage-smelling aldehyde in No.5, as if it's an effort to remind people that it's a Chanel fragrance but also to send the message: "Rest assured, this is not 'old-fashioned', at all".

The transition between the forcefully bright fruity aldehydic opening to the luminous, clean white floral heart is seamless. I can hardly discern any particular facets of these 4 flowers, "abstract floral" indeed. Slowly but surely, Gabrielle gets sweeter with time, and almost turns jammy and saccharine around the 3rd hour because of the cassis note. Thankfully, it then goes back to the "abstract floral" route and firmly remains in the "clean soapy fruity floral shampoo" territory till the end.

Gabrielle has a moderate sillage and a longevity of 8 hours on my skin.

I have to admit, the olfactory description employed in the press release is spot on. Gabrielle is indeed radiant, sparkling, luminous, feminine, and its treatment of flowers is very abstract. It's also predictable, inoffensive, pretty in the conventional way and attuned to the modern sensibility. Moreover, its jammy fruitiness is also clearly a sign that Gabrielle is engineered towards a young clientele of today, which totally makes sense for a major commercial launch from a business point of view.

However, from my personal point of view, I find Gabrielle derivative and uninspiring. While wearing Gabrielle for a few times, I was initially reminded of other abstract florals such as Dior J'Adore, Chanel Beige and Jour d'Hermès. But upon examining them more closely, the touted "abstract"quality of Gabrielle actually makes it appear more muddled and less refined, and ultimately the one with the least personality.

I would recommend Gabrielle to those who'd like a feminine, abstract, clean, modern aldehydic fruity floral from a widely-recognised brand, but I think there are other quality, similar-styled and more affordable choices out there, if one is not fixated on the Chanel brand.
12th September, 2017
They mixed Eau Vive with No 5 L'Eau and called it Gabrielle. Finis.
12th September, 2017
Gabrielle is a very safe, run-of-the-mill release by Chanel. There is a persistent grapefruit note, not too fresh or juicy, rather a little restrained and at times a little synthetic, that is infused with an accord of white florals. The tuberose is hardly prominent, and neither is the jasmine. Rather, it has a demure temperament, and it is not much abstract either (resolving to a 'standard' mixed white florals accord, rather than anything more intriguing). It is absolutely none of soapy or powdery, has the barest hint of a creamy attribute, and possesses a vague summery freshness. While the grapefruit-white floral accord is quite persistent (at over three or four hours), the fragrance doesn't have much further development, and seems to be missing something of a base component or a dry-down. I don't find it to be tenacious (it becomes imperceptible at around five hours), though sillage is not too low-key, but rather moderate.

Gabrielle, while bearing some Chanel references, appears to be of a notch below the quality of something like Coco Mademoiselle or No 5 L'eau. Stuff like No. 19 Poudre or No 5 Eau Premiere are definitely cut from much finer cloth. I find Gabrielle to be reasonably easy to like, but very easy to forget. Additionally, while decidedly modern, it lacks intelligence, emotion, abstraction and complexity - and is at times a little sophomoric (which might actually be the target audience). However, I find no reason to recommend this to young (or elderly) women (or men), when one can buy fresh(y) florals (white or otherwise) that are much more memorable, emotive, witty, or fun - or all of that, and at one-third the price.

2.5/5 (a weak neutral)
12th September, 2017
Another fruity-floral. Derivative, basic, fancy-shampoo smell. That being said, it's not terrible - the floral elements are "blended" so as to not smell of one particular flower - the fruits are not cheap or tropical.

Nice bottle, albeit a bit lighter and without the usual magnetic cap we see on most new releases.

Probably a good gift for someone you've never met.
11th September, 2017
I just smelled this today, and was deeply disappointed. After an initial pleasant opening which reminded me of an attempt to modernise Cristalle (and smelling the opening I wondered "Why bother?") the fragrance developed into a vulgar fruity floral (mainly fruity) mess. The sales assistant who insisted on spraying the sample for me claimed the fragrance contained Jasmine and Neroli. If it does they are both synthetic, with a heavy dose of Hedione, and something screechy and irritating to my nose. "Calyx" is a much better attempt at a fruity floral, I wonder why anyone else bothers to compete. Comparing "Gabrielle" to "Calyx" shows what a wonderful perfumer Sophia Grosjman is. "Calyx" is well blended; "Gabrielle" isn't.

Such a shame.
05th September, 2017

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