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Fucking Fabulous (2017)
by Tom Ford


Fucking Fabulous information

Year of Launch2017
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production / Limited Edition
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People and companies

HouseTom Ford
Creative DirectorTom Ford
Parent CompanyEstee Lauder Companies

About Fucking Fabulous

Fucking Fabulous is a shared / unisex perfume by Tom Ford. The scent was launched in 2017

Reviews of Fucking Fabulous

What kind of sloppy seconds Hell have I stumbled upon here? Tom Ford Fucking Fabulous (2017) is nothing short of fucking ridiculous. Candied ear wax and bellybutton lint with almond pralines and leather dipped in crushed sweet tarts? Malted milk balls sprayed with coumarin to lure in the mice from the abandoned cotton candy factory next door, then crushed up with the coumarin-killed mouse carcasses and added to the composition? I really couldn't tell you here what exactly this is supposed to be, but it's not fabulous. I've heard some people say this is a combination of other Tom Ford Private Blend scents, and it very well may be for all I know, but the saving grace here is it's limited edition and will be gone soon. Even the perfumer remains hidden, and I can totally understand why somebody wouldn't want this mess on their resume. All I can say is it must be a social experiment, or maybe a jab mainstream gay culture, as this stuff is about as flamboyant, loud, tacky, and attention-hungry as they come. I've been to enough gay bars to tell ya honey, so take it from me, not even the sweet ones would be caught dead in this dreck. The last thing we want is to be reminded of our own stereotypes on a day to day minute to minute basis!

First things first: A light amaretto comes screaming out of the void in the intro spray, followed by a bitter candy shell kind of smell that reminds me too much of those candied almonds I hated getting at Easter. You get some rich natural tonka, which is also sweet, so the bittersweet melange mixes with soapy orris to make that Willy Wonka candy opening. The middle is that synthetic "cashmeran" wood note that smells like the old amber compound used by Avon had an illegitimate love child with norlimbanol "karmawood", making a scratchy-sweet Hell on Earth that smells more like a Glade plug-in scent than something made for the skin. I can take cashmeran in small doses in some scents, and own a few where it's done well, but here it's all "ayyy gurl I'm here for the cheap liquor" and I'm just like "no bitch you weren't invited". Leather and clary sage, the only two respectable notes in this nightmare, sit at the bottom and just give this a dry anchor to give your nose arrest from the olfactory rape of the top and middle. It's too little too late for me, because by the time I'm here at the leather and sage, I'm telling myself I'm only letting this thing finish so I can go and review it proper later. Never again. Tom Ford Fucking Fabulous is like Rupaul's Drag Race for the nose, but minus all the cheekiness and with double the backstage cat fights. Nope nope nope nope nope.

It's one thing to be ostensibly masculine, feminine to a fault, or some beautiful gray area in between that nobody can categorize, with just enough gender norm challenge and abstraction to get folks talking, but it's another to make a fragrance that comes across so blatantly gender-bending that you wonder if it's serious or satire. Like really, if this is meant for old Bowie-esque cross-dressing glam crowd of the 70's or big hair and spandex of the Poison and Twisted Sister type, I'd actually rather enjoy this much more, since I'm all for a little ribbing now and then. But, this is delivered so seriously, in a Tom Ford Private Blends bottle that looks like almost any other, made to be taken at face value as "Fucking Fabulous" and it just isn't. I couldn't seriously wear this any more than I could seriously wear a scent from JeremyFragrance, the YouTuber who's life mission it is to spell out what the corporate alpha dudebr0 wears from the gym to the office to his booty call's house and back. It just boils down to pandering, and really bad pandering at that, with zero redeeming value outside whatever shock the name on the bottle and salacious mess of scent inside gives you. Yuck.
03rd September, 2018
F'ing Fabulous = Italian Cypress + Tobacco Oud.

That is all you need to know.

Oh, and there is a persistent lemon pound cake note with vanilla, not unlike Lolita Lempicka L.
In fact, FF could be the Eau Intense or Absolute version of that juice.

I h*ate Tom Ford because he somehow reaches into your soul with some of his releases. For all the negative reviews, you need to just wear it a second time and voila! instant love. If you still don't like it then it's just one of those TF fragrances that doesn't connect with you. I have a few that do that for me.

Worth 2 tries ...
21st August, 2018
Fucking perfect name for a fucking fabulous fragrance. To my nose, it’s pretty fucking similar to Creed’s Silver Mountain Water; has the same sort of bright creamy sweetness to it, but with more masculine elements added in, like the leather and almond oil. Fucking versatile as well; I could see myself wearing this casually, formally, and virtually anywhere in between, but I'll definitely be saving this one for more special occasions, as it is very unique and attractive, not to mention, fucking expensive.

As a side note, I have to point out how amusing it is to see these ultra sensitive adults in our society clutching their pearls and shielding their eyes from from this horrible, horrible word that Mr Ford used to name this fragrance. Neiman Marcus here in Houston had the bottle hidden behind the counter with the "fucking" name covered with a sticker (had to ask for it specifically to sample it). I bought a bottle of Italian Cypress (a steal!) off a guy who I'm pretty sure was offloading his Tom Ford collection in protest. You’d think the word has some sort of magical powers. I see it as fucking brilliant marketing that’s probably selling loads more bottles than it would have with a more generic name. I would never have even considered buying this bottle at this price point (even at the discounted price I got it for). But, all the attention and controversy the name brought made it a must-have collector’s item for me. And it helps that really does smell fucking fabulous!
24th June, 2018 (last edited: 25th June, 2018)
Certainly the name alone gave it plenty of attention around the time of its release, but upon finally smelling in the fall and acquiring it later, Tom Ford Fucking Fabulous is truly a provocative scent, a most unusual combination that is nonetheless blended well enough to sell it as something off the beaten path.

The rather dominant, sharp/sweet blend of tonka and almond is modified by a touch of leather, relatively dirty and almost spicy clary sage, and a hint of orris, keeping some powderiness beyond the tonka and almond alone.

Performance is good, certainly not in the vicinity of the beasts of the Private Blend line but nonetheless strong on projection for a few hours before mellowing out but still overall having very good longevity on skin.

In summary, I regard Fucking Fabulous as quirky and unique. There's nothing quite like it in the Private Blend collection, and I cannot think of another fragrance that it mimics. I frankly would recommend it more than others to be sampled first prior to buying since, given its idiosyncrasies, I feel I hardly do it justice by trying to explain the notes.

At the higher Tom Ford Private Blend price point of $310 for 50ml, this is a tough sell, but surely there are deals to be had on the side, and arguably the retail price seemed more satiable when this fragrance was advertised as a boutique-only limited edition.

8 out of 10
22nd May, 2018
Yuck! This is foul! I tried it 3 separate times, and got something different 2 times. The second 2 times I got the same thing.. so here's what I'm going with. Strawberries, almond, tons of tonka, and a weird chemical smelling plastic. Although from a distance I don't get the plastic much, but from up close it's highly noticeable. There's a lot of different facets, but overall it's a type of gourmand scent. The dry down is much different, and I get more of a ginger smell.

I feel that the leather note clashes with the gourmand notes too much, and that's what's making it unenjoyable for me.

Imagine Black XS, mixed with John Varvatos, mixed with Guerlain Ideal EDT, mixed with 5 O'clock Au Gingembre.. and that's basically what this is.
04th May, 2018 (last edited: 09th June, 2018)
TF Fucking Fabulous = Nasomatto Black Afgano.

Basically a hot toffee smell - plus it's a bit funky in a bad direction - a little man dirt/sweat there.
This is why I was disappointed in BA also - same problem here.

I was very excited to try this as I love Oud Wood, but...
28th April, 2018

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