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Up the Apples & Pears (2016)
by 4160 Tuesdays


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Year of Launch2016
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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House4160 Tuesdays
PerfumerSarah McCartney

About Up the Apples & Pears

An unusual fragrance that evokes the scent of a London pub in 1933; apple pie, pear syllabub, gin, beer, roll-ups, wooden floor and bread rolls.

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Reviews of Up the Apples & Pears

Stardate 20180612:

A quintessential 4160 Tuesday. Has that Blue Raspberry note and white musk. Some vanilla/cream. Don't get any beer, gin, rollups, bread,pear and whatever else Sarah thought looks nice on the pyramid.
I like it
12th June, 2018
The saloon doors burst open with a Bang! and in marches a great big beer, trailing all its fizzy bubbles. Malty and yeasty, but fresh too -- nothing sour or stale here. Within ten minutes, fresh fruits sidle up to join him at the bar: the pear is ordering a gin&tonic, while the apple's only having a glass of seltzer.

At about 40 minutes some of 4160's house raspberry note tries to elbow its way in: No, no, no, you're not needed here, go sit over there in that booth by yourself. Ah, that's better; now there's some room for rose to join the conversation.

As the malty beer note recedes, the yeastiness remains but somehow transforms into the soft yeast of bread dough. The fruits diminish and rose overtakes the beer as group leader. A yeasty rose: who would have thought that would work together? But it absolutely does.

After an hour, some woodiness appears. Not the common cedar aromachemical, more like a polished oak scent, quite refined among such a rowdy crew. And when full drydown is achieved, at about 3 hours, the boozy note darts in and out again, along with some light, fresh tobacco. I feared the return of the raspberry, but that didn't happen on my skin.

The gin note here is brief but brilliant, and lifts the whole concoction up about three levels, like the clear liquor does in Chanel No. 18.

Up the Apples & Pears is one of those fragrances that raises the old question of wearability -vs- work of art. Do I want to wear it? I'm not at all sure. Do I want to smell it? Oh HELL yes. I'm sure many people will find it too gimmicky by half, but for me all these disparate elements worked together to create olfactory magic. It's unlike anything in my scent memory.

I'm mystified by the spell this scent has cast on me. I actually dislike the smell of beer, and I'm by no means a rose fanatic. Personally, I think it's witchcraft.

Longevity: A solid 7 hours.
05th October, 2017

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