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Concrete (2017)
by Comme des Garçons


Concrete information

Year of Launch2017
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseComme des Garçons
PerfumerNicolas Beaulieu

About Concrete

Concrete is a shared / unisex perfume by Comme des Garçons. The scent was launched in 2017 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Nicolas Beaulieu

Concrete fragrance notes

Reviews of Concrete

As far as I can tell, this might not actually accurately reproduce the 'smell' or olfactory ambience (as is it really a smell atall? but then there _really is_ a 'salt ' note!) of concrete; but I would say that it is a true quasi-petrichor fragrance (if you like), as it _does_ strongly evoke, to me anyway, rain & wetness of earth, etc. It is like Xerjoff's ~Birdie~ in that respect: in fact, I would say it's very similar to that. I haven't sampled ~Rain~ by Marc Jacobs, but it's probably similar to that also, from what I have read of it. Certainly I would say this is truly a fragrance _of that genre_. I am astonished at anyone saying that not only is it gourmandy, but a cloyingly sweet gourmand at that! I do _not_ get anything _remotely_ like that from it. No, to me, this is a bona-fide quasi-petrichor fragrance - and a good one at that!
11th April, 2018
Guerlain Samsara, made more unisex by toning down the jasmine
10th January, 2018
Here I was thinking I'd never smelled a CdG I didn't immediately love. If I'd not read the notes of this I'd swear the top was "Dill Pickle." Maybe it's the chemistry of my skin - I know enough about fragrances to know that scents can smell different depending upon ones skin chemistry. But I don't get cinnamon or cardamon or rose or sandalwood (all of which I love) in hardly anything that's listed in this one. If it were called "Dill Pickle" I would probably wear it now and again. Or rather, if someone GAVE me a full bottle I'd wear it now and again just for the shock of smelling like a pickle. After all my husband swears he smells electrical fire every time I wear 'Odeur 71', and in a weird way it makes me giggle, because I love the smell of it and I don't smell "electrical fire." Anyway, "Concrete" calms after 45 minutes to an hour and it smells a tad like fresh concrete but it still doesn't smell much like the listed notes. It's barely a whisper of sandalwood coming and going. It's not awful but it's just...that wisp. And it's a long road to the faintest wisp of sandalwood. I'm not sure I'd pay a hundred fifty bucks to ride that road. If I wanted to smell like sandalwood I'd just grab a cheap sandalwood oil. If you're inclined, try a sample.
07th January, 2018
"The richness of Sandalwood is shattered to reveal its very essence, a radically new scent emerging from its fractured form".

The marketing people have overreached themselves, as they often do. The scent may have some novel features, but in the main it is from the same sector as Kenzo Jungle Pour Homme, and indeed Guerlain's Samsara and its many relatives. The juice does not support the packaging concept of concrete particularly well.

For a more accurate rendering of the odour of concrete and stone, you have to go to an American artisan perfume called Limestone, which is the only one I know that does it.
03rd January, 2018
This is without a doubt the WORST scent I have ever encountered, and I have come across some real duds. Super, sickeningly sweet. Utterly faux. Bears no resemblance to concrete or stones or pavement. This is a complete, unmitigated disaster. And, it is an evil demon. It haunted my nose for more than two hours based strictly on a spray on paper and a sniff. I shudder with horror to imagine the hell I would be going through if I had applied it to my skin. Approach this one with extreme caution.
01st December, 2017
I dived into Comme des Garçons Concrete without prior knowledge of the press release, and Concrete does not smell like concrete the material, nor like sandalwood to me. At least not the characteristics that I associate with the sandalwood from smelling its essential oils and a few sandalwood-centric fragrances.

I do sense a discreet plaster-like smell upon spraying Concrete, but the fragrance is mostly dominated by a sweet cloud of raspberry and red berry jelly, oily artificial rose, an ionone-like violet note, muted vague spices and musky elements. The whole effect, especially when I get a whiff in the air, is reminiscent of a flattened, less layered, and more synthetic-feeling Féminité du Bois.

A nebulous, white flour-y wood starts to surface after about 1 hour. With the heavy sweetness of raspberry and rose, I don't associate it with a particular material. Instead, it's more like an underlying chalky texture beneath the rose raspberry jelly. Actually, the bubblegum sweetness of the raspberry and this clean chalky texture combining together, Concrete smells more like a deconstructed fruity tuberose perfume rather than a deconstructed sandalwood to me.

Concrete has barely any change afterwards. The sillage is moderate and the longevity is at least 7 hours.

I was aware that Concrete does not aim to replicate the cement in literal sense, therefore I'm not disappointed on this front. But reading about its "sandalwood" after wearing Concrete, I'm first puzzled then upset about the lack of sandalwood characteristics and the overbearing raspberry sweetness on me. From what I experience on my skin, I would not recommend it as a sandalwood fragrance, but rather a gourmand, intense raspberry/rose/violet fragrance, with a nod to Féminité du Bois in the opening and a clean, sugary fruity tuberose dry down.
19th September, 2017

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