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Erawan (2017)
by Parfums Dusita


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Year of Launch2017
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseParfums Dusita
PerfumerPissara Umavijani

About Erawan

Erawan is a shared / unisex perfume by Parfums Dusita. The scent was launched in 2017 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Pissara Umavijani

Erawan fragrance notes

Reviews of Erawan

An exceedingly delicate, yet sophisticated, floral green over a persistent, though never cloying, coumarin base. Beautiful, subtle work. Not gendered in any serious way but too light for my tastes. On the right person, it would be the most lovely, fragrant skin scent. Between this and Issara, I am getting how much Pissara loves coumarin.
24th August, 2019
A study in cool, pale greens, Erawan provokes a contradictory sense of place – its humidity and slight clamminess suggests shaded indoor spaces, while its bright lily of the valley and hay tones are redolent of fields of daydreams. Erawan’s season is clearly summer, but this is summer experienced from under a canopy of leaves maybe, with something refreshing and tinkling to drink to hand.
I love how its impressionistic rendering of green and fresh elements – the lily of the valley, energizing petitgrain, light grassy tones – is caressed by drier, gently sweet coumarin notes and undergirded by vanilla deployed in a manner where it’s noticeable but unobtrusive. Well-balanced, good work, but way too demure in the drydown.
20th July, 2019
Flashback to 1992, visiting my grandmother in Central Florida—her nicotine-stained house, popcorn ceiling yellowing overhead, a vase of small white flowers on an old wooden dresser with a lace doily. It’s grey, humid, and chillier than you expected. The memory is visceral, and recalled precisely by the first 20 minutes of this perfume.

That moment passes, and it settles into soft soft hay with a hint of cedar and vanilla. The tobacco-vibe lingers, but fortunately, it’s a pleasant note, not the stale cigarette of its opening. Some will love this, I’m sure, but I’m haunted by it.
21st March, 2019
This is the first fragrance I smelled that revolves around an exploration of Liatris. When I think of it that way, Erawon becomes understandable because all the descriptors used to define Liatris are here. Its notes come out gradually as the fragrance matures, in a progression. The other notes which support or modulate this exploration are well-chosen. It is more than a botanical exploration a la Demeter - it has character, but the exposition gives Erawon coherence.
The first notes I smelled right out of the bottle were a wafting of tobacco against an herbaceous green curtain, quite nice. It’s my favorite note of the entire fragrance, but is ephemeral, a temporary haze rather than anything solid. That was my first clue of what I was dealing with, as Liatris has subtle tobacco off-notes.
It morphed into a curious almost candied-violet note (the lily of the valley? If so an odd one) but fairly quickly a warm hay note started diffusing the fragrance. The main odor constituent of Liatris (Deertongue) is coumarin, which crystallizes on the dried leaves. That hay note is the big player in Erawon and stays until the end.
It gradually becomes more vanillic, another note present in Liatris, and it produces a kind of honeyed herbal Liatris. At one point I also start smelling a glimmer of the root beer note Liatris exhibits, which sort of translates into a cocoa. The cedar is subtle in the drydown, a nice backbone to the warm, sweetened herbaceous hay drydown instead of a separate note - I don’t think ‘Cedar’.
The drydown is long-lasting, naturalistic and easy to wear. Its naturalness is a small pleasure on its own, kind of comfortable and lazy, with an appealing casualness, even aplomb. If I liked coumarin more I might revel in this warm late sun on an unmanicured lawn ambiance. But it’s never been my cup of tea.
I don’t know whether to give a thumbs up or neutral. It’s a 6 out of 10 for me, though it’s worth trying for the interesting exposition of Liatris. And hay lovers could be totally smitten with it.
04th March, 2019 (last edited: 15th March, 2019)
This scent is a very natural and simple but inviting green and soft floral aroma - very pleasant - so I give it a thumbs up. Warm hay, bolstered with sharp but natural greens that hang onto a cloud of muguet. I can understand the hesitant reviewers for Erawan because it may be the least outstanding fragrance that Dusita has launched to date. The lightly narcotic buoyant sweetness from muguet is reinforced by dry hay notes also warmed up with vanilla in the base. A little too much sweetness and light for my taste, but if you like subtle and warming lily of the valley scent that ultimately merges with natural green vetiver, clary sage and cedar then you will enjoy Erawan. It is not brilliant, but also not ever bad.
22nd August, 2018
The first miss for a Favourite house.
Now, I'm male so my reaction comes from the Masculine in me. The LOV top note hits my head with a thud. Dry Hay grates against my senses. The Musk emanating from this turns my stomach in the same way as sweetened Tuberose. The soapy drydown softens it in such a way that I had to scrub.
What is Liatrus anyway?
Give me hit of Issara please.
08th June, 2018

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