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Slowdive (2017)
by Hiram Green


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Year of Launch2017
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseHiram Green
PerfumerHiram Green

About Slowdive

Slowdive is a shared / unisex perfume by Hiram Green. The scent was launched in 2017 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Hiram Green

Slowdive fragrance notes

Reviews of Slowdive

This is a most arresting fragrance; honey unlike any kind you find at your average supermarket. Instead, it's a reminder that bees are, in fact, wild animals. I've once had a swarm of bumblebees nesting in my ceiling, and let me tell you, the sound that comes from hundreds and hundreds of these flying beauties is quite terrifying. As is Slowdive, but in a good way. It's raw, thick, and almost overwhelmingly sweet; honey with waxy comb, pollen, and a few angry bees still stuck in it. It reminds me of a jar of chestnut honey my mother once brought from Italy that was so intense that it could not be eaten undiluted, but it was absolutely heavenly in dishes and pies. I have a similar experience with Slowdive: it's a bit too much for me up close, but from a distance it is just gorgeous, especially the dry down. A little goes a long way with this stuff; I think a 10ml travel spray would last me a lifetime.
30th December, 2018
More like honey than honey itself, previous reviewers have taken the words out of my mouth on this one and not much more to add. Yes I can see the connection to Eau du Ciel and it also reminds me obliquely of Penhaligon's Hammam Bouquet, (though that is not claimed to be a honey fragrance).
27th December, 2018
Absolutely gorgeous realistic honey, sweet and waxy and strong. Smelling closely, I detect a pinch of orange blossom underneath, as well as some cinnamon/nutmeg/mace pie spices. There's also just a touch of an acrid undertone for maximum realism.

It doesn't really change over time, which is the only criticism I can muster, but it smells so good that doesn't bother me at all. Easily the best honey perfume out there.
30th August, 2018
I am completely off my head for this one, to the point where I've been auctioning vintage Shalimar(!) in order to offset buying a full bottle.

I used to train with a natural perfumer and have a strong bias for fragrances with a high percentage of natural essences, though I don't think always think they're more interesting or compelling than what I can casually mix up at home. But Slowdive is special. Not only is it potent and lasting, but it's honey while also being the smell of the whole field the honey came from on a hot day. There's a lot of craft behind something that comes off this rustic, because it's actually painstakingly composed, but you just don't notice the work.

The treatment of neroli in it reminds me very much of the gentle neroli I loved so much in Goutal's Eau du Ciel, such an evocative scent in its own right. And overall it's rather in the same ballpark as D.S. & Durga's Isle Ryder, another one I've been circling. That one is also lovely, but the longevity just isn't there on me.

02nd August, 2018
My current favorite. Lasts for 16+ hours on me, with one spray on my chest. The first half hour of that spray can be ...potent. I make sure to cover up pretty quickly, but even still, it's not a shy perfume.
On me it's honey wax and boozy fruits. Smells like a chunk of honeycomb (dead bee bits and all) on top of a homemade fruitcake. That sounds disgusting, but smells delicious. Doesn't evolve, just slowly fades away. I purchased a bottle online the same night I smelled the sample. It's that good.

Pairs well with Amouroud Safran.
24th May, 2018
This is just pure honey on me, with a faint sort of dry, grassy note, which I’m guessing is the tobacco blossom and that funny sort of musty, waxy, sweet note you get from beeswax candles. I like the smell of honey, but after a while, I found the solid honey note a but much. It’s nice, but doesn’t blow me away. Longevity wasn’t brilliant – around four hours. Glad I got to try it though, and for the honey lovers out there, I reckon you'd be happy with this.
01st April, 2018

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