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Mayura Extrait de Parfum (2018)
by Auphorie


Mayura Extrait de Parfum information

Year of Launch2018
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production / Limited Edition
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People and companies

PerfumerEmrys Au
PerfumerEugene Au

About Mayura Extrait de Parfum

Inspired by the sacred fowl of the Hindu mythology which has unmatched impact and influence on the Indian traditions, Mayura (peacock in Sanskrit) is the ultimate concoction that aims to emulate the majestic aura of this holy bird. Using carefully selected raw ingredients and precious essences, Mayura is one powerful animalic-floral-oriental chypre scent that would transport you to the mystical realm of the Orient.

Mayura Extrait de Parfum fragrance notes

Reviews of Mayura Extrait de Parfum

Oh me, oh my! It's been a while since I last fell for a fragrance this swiftly and completely. Siberian Musk was the last scent that moved me like this, and I'm so thrilled to feel that old infatuation once again. The odd thing is that Mayura reminds me quite a bit of something fashioned by Russian Adam. Its animalic nature feels situated somewhere between Inferno Russo and Ottoman Empire, as do its lush, indolic florals (tuberose, jasmine, ylang ylang), spicy resins, and deep musks. This is genuinely gorgeous stuff that gives me the impression of a velvety-furred panther brushing past some exotic night blooming flowers. Half flora and half fauna. I tried a spray and purchased a full bottle 15 minutes later--something I never, ever do. Wow.

Edit: After having worn this for a while, I would add a caveat about spraying this on clothing. Whatever is most indolic/animalic in this scent is magnified ten-fold when applied to cloth. Proceed at your own risk.
31st July, 2018 (last edited: 22nd December, 2018)
As a vintage-loving chypre aficionado I find this gorgeous blend a stunner. I originally sampled a split and after a first wearing immediately went for a full bottle. Warm, exotic, floral and earthy, waves of honeyed tropical flowers cascade over you and thoughts of tropical nights filled with bird calls while silk caresses your skin overtake you. The rich opening of Mayura is absolutely top notch and the balance between the florals and the supporting musky base is perfection.

A holy aura indeed. Not too many scents are capable of taking you on a spiritual pilgrimage, but this one is. It entwines about your body like a lover, and as day turns into night, the peacock folds his feathers and nestles into your skin, shimmering it's influence into your dreams.

An excellent offering of the perfumer's art - bravo to the Au brothers for this lovingly-created and splendidly composed work.
29th June, 2018
For its first two hours, Mayura seems like one of those outstanding fragrances which one feels delivers whatever it may choose to promise. It’s the full strutting peacock, iridescent plumage ablaze in the noonday Indian sun. It emanates a lush tropical heat but pairs it with honeyed softness, it preens but is also kind and infused with such uplifting tonal variation that those who are so inclined could take it for a spiritual experience.
I don’t normally gravitate towards white florals; I dislike their diva behaviour and they often give me a hangover without the reward of intoxication. And as for the lighter hedione-led hordes, they never quite seem to hit the sweet spot, like some unsatisfying diet version.
And here I am, weak in the knees, after wearing a perfume that presents the most solar, saturated jasmine in recent memory as its star. It drips rich, dizzying nectar, all its indulgent greasier aspects are not edited out and yet there is also the contradictory freshness and presence of the living flower. Mellower tones of ylang and davana round out this superbly orchestrated floral sweetness. This symphony of flowers has the most amazing warm, soft, glandular musks as one of its basso elements; these are musks of animal presence and closeness, that reach out and embrace without smelling of the squalor of the cage. (Indeed, as Auphorie is committed to vegan ingredients, there is no danger of actual animal derivatives being used.) The other is a subtle array of woody and mossy tones – providing dabs of dryness, bitter and salty accents, that make the sweet heart of Mayura even more precious.
This may well be the best work the brothers Au have produced so far and their fans may have twigged – the fragrance is on back order already and seeing as it is a limited edition (I hope they change their minds about that) may well be gone before the world gets a chance to discover this creation that seems to be imbued with such generosity (the materials smell absolutely top notch) and, dare I say it, love.
I started this review with a reference to Mayura’s amazing, mind-altering first couple of hours. What happens after that? There are two main stages of evolution in my mind. That amazing jasmine subsides somewhat and the mossier and animalic elements begin to assume a more prominent role; it feels almost like the perfume is taking on and conveying the carnality of the wearer. Mayura does dirty in the chic French way of some beloved vintage florals, with a satisfying chypre backbone. It remains a thing of great beauty, but now there are more referents, it’s no longer seemingly in a space of its own creation which is the feeling of the first few hours.
And much later, when the day is done, it has a surprise. All the heavier elements fade out and a delicate, soapy floral emerges – just right for floating off into dreams.

Edit (19 June 2018): Mayura has been available again for a few weeks now. There is a bit of batch variation from the perfume I smelled first time around - the woody elements are somewhat more present and they are sweeter and more rounded, and the musky tones seem lowered a shade. Nevertheless, Mayura remains a blinder.
21st April, 2018 (last edited: 19th June, 2018)

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