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Chypre (1920)
by Godet


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Year of Launch1920
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Chypre

Chypre is a feminine perfume by Godet. The scent was launched in 1920

Chypre fragrance notes

Reviews of Chypre

I had high hopes about Godet Chypre thinking it was going to be something magical given that the sample is nearly a 100 years old!

The scent started out with a bright sparkling bergamot note that held on for a few minutes. A thin whisper of iris florals arrived only soon to be met by vanilla and leather. It reminded me a little bit of both Creed Royal Delight and Chanel Cuir de Russie: sweet, floral, leather. At the base I'm left with a mossy ambery accord. It remained green and dry but had a slight oriental twist to it. The base reminded me of the second formulation of Rogue Perfumery Chypre-Siam and Coty Chypre if an ambery vanilln accord were added. Barely visible at that point. My biggest disappointment was that the ambery mossy accord of the scent was a skin scent. It was there but I had to stick my nose against my arm to smell it. Very etheral, transparent, and short lived. Despite the color, age, and most of all appearance of the bottle and juice, it's not all what it cracked up to be. Nothing amazing or breath taking here. It did hold its ground compared to other chypre scents in its day: Guerlain Mitsouko, Coty Chypre but I would consider it inferior to both of them. At best Godet Chypre is an alternative take on chypre compared to Coty Chypre and Guerlain Mitsouko and I would gladly reach for the the latter two any day. If I had to guess Godet was a house competitor to Guerlain and Coty back in the early 20th century. Despite my disappointment, it was worth sampling if one enjoyed vintage chypre scents.
13th February, 2019
Godet's Chypre reminds me very much of Rogue Perfumery's Chypre-Siam. Their only real difference is the somewhat dark, persistently animalic note at the base of Chypre-Siam. Both of these fragrances are reminiscent of Mitsouko, but minus any fruit. The Godet remains rather firmly mossy and dark green without any livening or leavening upper register notes. It's interesting if you like rather somber, olive green scents that smell definitively retro. I wonder if Coty's original chypre smelled anything like this.
27th January, 2019
first whiff is uplifting and delightful...immediately get leather...a non-gasoline and non-animalic/barnyard leather...the smell of an expensive purse or full length leather trenchcoat..a dusty feel..., not baby powder , more like the effect of hot sand or dust in the wind...slight trace of citrus, but just the smell of citrus, but not the zing...little accents of flowers and spice...this smells very nice to my nose and for sure something i would enjoy wearing and smelling throughout the day...very classic/classy mossy drydown with a flavoring of sweet incense.....nice patch too...very nice stuff...big thumbs up...
11th August, 2018

This is a most unusual chypre, the lightest fragrance I’ve ever experienced with that designation. For me it is more of a leather than a chypre.

First impression is of a very sweet combination of ylang ylang and orange blossom, quite feminine. Slowly the vanilla-like softness of the heliotrope and the dryness of the violet make themselves known as the base notes wait patiently in the wings.

I expected them to suddenly burst forward and overwhelm the foregoing with a dry, earthy richness, but such is not the case. What emerges for my nose is a fragrant leather, supported by a pungent tobacco leaf (not listed) and the warm woods of sandalwood and patchouli.

Overall this shy chypre (try saying that six times quickly) rates for me as a vanilla/tobacco/leather. Truly feminine, but easily wearable these days by both sexes. Its very gentleness and subtlety put it in a category all its own. One of the best leathers I’ve experienced.

Top notes: Bergamot, Lemon, Neroli, Orange Blossom
Heart notes: Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Geranium, Heliotrope
Base notes: Oak Moss, Violet, Patchouli, Labdanum, Leather, Sandalwood (Tobacco leaf?)
20th March, 2018

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