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Mysterious Oud (2018)
by Bortnikoff


Mysterious Oud information

Year of Launch2018
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production / Limited Edition
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People and companies

PerfumerDimitry Bortnikoff

About Mysterious Oud

The company say:

The Opening notes are exquisite fragrances that greet the wearer with ambery citruses and ripe fruits. It is made when Bergamot and Orange are spiced up with cardamom and then after, soaked in amber. Immediately the notes of different ouds arrive on the stage supported by light, gentle and well-balanced floral. The heart of this blend is then displayed in resinous, spicy and sweet nuances. Balsamic, woody and the vanillic base are filled with real agarwood aroma from different parts of the world. From Thai and Vietnamese to Indian ouds, more layers are added to increase the depth of the aroma. Our famous fragrance, 100K by Feel Oud wraps all the notes in it’s delicate, smooth and refined character. Overall, this perfume displays the core of authentic agarwood aroma with intense, yet playful fruity character and light floral elements.

Reviews of Mysterious Oud

The opening here is quite fecal. Animalic on overload. An hour in it starts to smell quite a bit better. The fecal oud has started to cede and blend in with the castoreum (which shines) and spices (namely opoponax). I got whiffs at certain times of cedar, rose, tonka, and labdanum, but these are all muchly bit players, and any recognition of these could have been just a matter of suggestion from reading of the notes. It projected pretty hard for the first hour or two, but then dwindled. Not one I enjoyed very much.
26th February, 2019
Stardate 20181031:

Boot Polish leather and spices. A bit of oud. Decent fragrance but nothing mysterious or new here. Not worth the price IMO.
31st October, 2018
This starts with a pleasant whiff of Hindi. As I follow down I reach the fruity Varnish of Trat with a whiff of Smoke and Whiskey. The heart is reminisce of some Zoologist creations.
Tolu has a distinct scent profile that if used heavily turns me off. In this case it wraps itself gently around the heart.
Rose rarely shows it's colour, however the Petroleum of Jasmine mates with a healthy dose of wonderful Labdanum to produce a leathery feel and a trail of light creosote.
Animalic and sweet richness of tone is provided by a Castoreum wrapped around a Tonka Vanilla envelope.
Spices and Incense slice through any cloyness. Baie Rose does exist, within this melange and provides it's sharp points together with Cardamom whispers of Camphour.
This, for me, is a contemplative scent, that perhaps appeals more to the Masculine sensibility.
20th August, 2018 (last edited: 19th August, 2018)

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