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Tyrannosaurus Rex (2018)
by Zoologist Perfumes


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Year of Launch2018
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseZoologist Perfumes
PerfumerAntonio Gardoni

About Tyrannosaurus Rex

Zoologist Tyrannosaurus Rex is a gargantuan scent that sinks its teeth into the world of delicate fragrances and rips it wide open. Primitive woods and florals seize you and snatch you away to an ancient era. Smoky, charred wood warns of the danger of smouldering fire, setting your senses on edge, while droplets of metallic rose oxide offer a chilling premonition of blood-lust. The mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex is sometimes menacing, sometimes fascinating, but never, ever ordinary.

Tyrannosaurus Rex fragrance notes

Reviews of Tyrannosaurus Rex

Powerful peppery leather to start with: primally aggressive on first spray. Someone needs to domesticate this T-Rex for the first 45 minutes, it's too assertive on release and the only notes I can detect are leather, smoke and pepper. Very prehistoric in the way it asserts itself.

The drydown becomes much more relaxed: I begin to detect sweetness in vanilla and jasmine, along with dark rose florals. It balances it out as the smoke dissipates and the leather begins to smooth out. It makes the overall fragrance a lot more pleasant and enjoyable to wear while it slowly dies out.

This is very, very masculine: hyper-aggressive and very strong and smokey. Not a rich smoke, but a pure one: like liquid smoke in a bottle. The scent of pure smoke seems to be the du jour lately, in products from lines such as Kerosene and Imaginary Authors. For me, I find it mostly off-putting and here I find it nearly abrasive with the other notes.

Projection is very strong and longevity is above average: 8 hours on my skin (2-3 with strong projection) and counting. It's certainly a daring scent, I wouldn't expect anything less from Zoologist. If you're a huge leather-smoke enthusiast, go for it. For me, it's just too much beast to handle for the first 1/3 of the wear.

16th March, 2019
A roaring monster T-Rex stomping on a apocalyptic volcanic ashy land, drool dripping from between his teeth, his leathery hide singed. This is the image that comes to mind here.

Scent wise, there is a lot of smoke. A LOT of smoke. The smoke piggybacks in some cedar and pine. I feel like this can be classified as a leather fragrance. I just don't really think "burnt" is its own category, so I'm gonna say this is a burnt leather. There is just a small pinch of something sweet that I can't pinpoint, and whenever I'm smelling for it I can't find it. It does smell a bit like burning plastic, which is super interesting, though not always pleasant. Performance is just beyond. 12 hours easy, everyone can smell you. I could never see myself reaching for this bottle if I owned it, but this is an nevertheless, a most impressive scent. Was an experience to wear, that I would recommend to enthusiasts. Thumbs up here for Zoologist.
19th February, 2019
The carcinogenic Cretaceous

T Rex opens with a full out olfactory assault. It's a fantastic wallop of camphorous, coniferous and medicinal notes. Seconds after, a battle takes shape between burning cade and an out-of-left-field sweetness that's not just plasticky, it's like a giant smack of magenta bubble-gum being lustily chewed. Smolder-smack-smolder-smack. Just as the tension starts to fade, nauseatingly creamy florals with a touch of indolic moth-ball shimmer emerge from the opening violence. If you think you're getting off easy at this point, you're wrong. Underlying all the smoke and flowers is a base with an ever-so-slight fecal note. It takes hours, but the scent does eventually grow tamer wherein the florals, especially osmanthus and rose, take over. It's quite good from this point onward.

T Rex doesn't evoke visions of a primordial world for me. If anything, it reminds me of two contemporary settings, my grandmother's house, full of Chinese medicines, and standing among buses burning leaded gasoline. If you have never walked the streets of Central America, your eyes watering from the choking, black fumes of leaded fuel, you can save yourself a trip, spritz a little T Rex and mentally delete the flowers, gum and medicine.

I also have no idea where you'd wear this today except at some kind of Viennese Actionism themed rubber fetish fashion event. I mean, what does one wear with this other than a Lady Gaga meat dress and a gas mask unless you plan to wait hours before going out? I like my phenolic scents like Bvlgari Black, Black Afgano, Lampblack and so on, but this was too much for me. T Rex also gives me a massive headache. This is a terrifying introduction to Gardoni's work.
01st February, 2019
From the daring, innovative house of Zoologist comes perhaps their most boundary-pushing, testy release, in Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Its burning power is pervasive beyond anything I've smelled. The most logical comparison when smelling it in the first time was Imaginary Authors A City on Fire, due to their common smoky/burning focus and generous use of cade oil as a key note. It's surely more of an intense burning experience than ACOF, to put it modestly, as ACOF by comparison smells more animalic than burning, with T-Rex being the clearly more burning-focused scent. In that respect, T-Rex feels a little more one-dimensional but I imagine those seeking a more intense burning leather, almost barbecue-smelling sort of scent will find in T-Rex a creative offering that might suit them well.

Overall the composition feels like it's roughly half made up of cade, with the other half coming from leather, black pepper, and patchouli. Not infinitely complex but not at all boring, either.

It's a superior performer, on the high end of projection, particularly for its first couple hours, and especially longevity.

The value in T-Rex is palpable, though--it's a very strong fragrance in extrait concentration, and $175 for 60ml is a reasonable-enough price if one very much likes or even loves it.

Still, I'd give ACOF the nod over T-Rex fairly easily. It takes something of T-Rex's audacity to put ACOF in perspective, as, at the time of its release, I thought of ACOF perhaps in the same terms in which I regard now regard T-Rex. Go figure.

7 out of 10
14th January, 2019
Leather slapped my face right from the start. Big smoky, burnt, ashen black pepper, cool fir, leafy laurel - what the hell? This is awesome for a first impression. I immediately envision the scene in the first Jurassic Park movie wear the lawyer in the shit-house becomes a "big reptile, lizard" snack.

Bold intense champaca, osmanthus, mixed petals of flowers, and I get a smoky tobacco accord, in the heart, as this shifts gears. A brief, ghostly note reminds me of turpentine. Rose - a manly rose, stands out. Big cade note I noticed awhile ago, begins to waft again as the heart settles down.

The base reveals more of that leather - old, cracked leather. Smoldering resins, cedarwood, sandalwood, animal note - all here. A somewhat gothic, dark-style incense. Leather stays for hours as does some boozy sweet stuff. What a ride! Gotta get me more.

5 dino-egg sized stars.
16th December, 2018
Tyrannosaurus Rex opens with a face slap of hot dry smokey leather. The initial scent is so bold that one spray is probably enough for most people. It settles down, eventually, but my first test spritz lasted all day with strong projection and a very masculine tone. Black Pepper, nutmeg, cade smoke, with patchouli gives the leather of T Rex a prickly abruptness that while bold and very much an outdoorsman in character also brings soft inner depth from sueded osmanthus, expanding rose, quiet of champaca, mellow ylang, and sparkling sandalwood. The leather here reminds me of Mona di Orio's Cuir but not quite as bold and much easier to wear. Built into this prehistoric big fella is a huge personality but also a soft inner depth that makes it very enjoyable to wear.
07th October, 2018

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