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Mousse Illuminee (2018)
by Rogue Perfumery


Mousse Illuminee information

Year of Launch2018
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseRogue Perfumery
PerfumerManuel Cross

About Mousse Illuminee

Mousse Illuminee is a shared / unisex perfume by Rogue Perfumery. The scent was launched in 2018 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Manuel Cross

Reviews of Mousse Illuminee

I get a lovely fresh blast of sweet moss and musk with incense and cypress. It has that old school shaving cream vibe and is quite potent. I get the polo vibe but this is more unisex. It is quite linear but all in all a very good green herbal like scent. Thumbs up!
06th November, 2019
Speechless. Nearly wordless. This, is one of the best green scents I've ever experienced. Sweet. Garden greens. Mountain aromas. Fresh air. Late spring weather. Early summer anticipation. Some smoldering peaks, that move in, in slow motion.

A high-pitched green and floral mode mixed with sweet incense eventually takes over. It's like a candy-sweet accord. Laurel, lurks under it all.

Becomes green and more herbal, once again. Hints of musk lurk in the garden.

Kind of smolders even more, with time. This frag is a delight! Smells natural and refreshing.
21st September, 2019
This is the first scent I've tried from the Rogue sample set which are dabs, not sprays. If Mousse Illuminee is representative of this house's work, it's going to be both fun and challenging to explore this house.

What a complex, compelling, potently rich & superbly blended creation. This herby & foresty comingled notes results in a simultaneously fresh & cozy effect. It's perfectly named as it goes on dark and lightens and brightens as it wears. Not a "pretty" frivolous scent, it's unisex (as labelled), yet there are echoes there- not in the notes but in the feeling- of landmark female marketed scents like Ma Griffe or Azuree.

Great work, Manuel Cross!

06th August, 2019
This opens deep & green, with a mentholated freshness & herbal notes of rosemary & bay. Any white florals are blended deeply into the mix, but perhaps there's some jasmine here. I get a whole succession of other notes, though: wormwood, mint, leather, & a suggestion of pine without it smelling like a pine tree. There's a bitterness at this stage, but it's never harsh or unpleasant. After two hours, warm, peppery woods & a gorgeously smoky incense appear, followed by an earthy, loamy note, "like a forest floor" as others have described it. There's something akin to vetiver, & then tobacco. Seven hours in, the base is sweet tobacco smoke, woods, a clean, powdery musk & something fruity. The projection is powerful for the first couple of hours, & it's still humming along nicely after fourteen hours.
This doesn't actually smell like moss to me, & it definitely doesn't smell like weed. I've never smelled Polo Green so cannot make the comparison that others have, but there are echoes here of Memoir Man, perhaps because of the combination of wormwood & incense. Sheik Yerbouti's review describes the feeling of this one very well. It's not my usual style & I don't know when I'd ever wear it, but I find it completely compelling. It's beautifully constructed, complex, natural smelling & has great performance to boot. It's been a while since I smelled a perfume with so many notes, put together so skilfully that each one shone out without mixing themselves into a muddy mess. In short, it's a stunning example of the perfumer's art.
19th June, 2019
Mousse Illuminee (2018)

This begins as a fresh floral mélange, sweet and intriguing, with subtle grounding dry notes. It is well balanced and rather original, a most unusual thing to come across in this day of scent copy cats of already existing prototypes. There is a spiciness in the dry down, which speaks of clove or carnation, but which is not mentioned in the list of notes provided.

Although everything is present for a powerhouse statement, the whole comes across as quite subdued, but solidly present, something to be enjoyed close up rather than from across a room. I am most impressed by the blending of these notes of “Tree moss, Frankincense, Artemesia, Laurel, Cedar, White flowers, White Musk” and although the floral-musk combination tends to fade to the background, the sweetness, mingled with the moss and artemisia, continues to hold forth well into the dry down.

I would classify this as solidly masculine, not at all feminine. Over all, a very nice floral chypre, which can be worn equally well at the office or on an evening out.
05th May, 2019
This was a difficult wear for me. Mousse Illuminee projects like a nuclear winter. It is so potent that I had a metallic taste in my mouth while wearing it. I disagree that this is anything like vintage Polo green which I've worn for 36 years. Polo is much more a blend of notes and much less sharp. I can smell the pine, the oakmoss, the tobacco and the leather as Polo develops whereas MI burned through me like a torch from the moment of application. The overall vibe of Mousse Illuminee reminds me much more of Esencia by Loewe but turned up from about 8 for Esencia to 100 for Mousse Illuminee. There is a sharpness here that was painful to my senses so I know that I'm going to have to go extremely light on the sprays next time I wear it, or perhaps I should say, "spray" because I don't think there's any need for me to wear more than one spray the next time around. I believe it's the oakmoss that is so potent and it almost feels like it's been mixed with some juniper berry (although not listed in the notes), for good measure to increase the sharpness. The soapy aspect is also big and loud and projects throughout the wear as well. I respect the use of the natural materials and need to adjust my normal usage so I don't overdose my senses next time I apply. Neutral for now until I figure out how to wear this one without hurting myself. LOL...
19th February, 2019

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