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Chypre-Siam (2018)
by Rogue Perfumery


Chypre-Siam information

Year of Launch2018
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseRogue Perfumery
PerfumerManuel Cross

About Chypre-Siam

Chypre-Siam is a shared / unisex perfume by Rogue Perfumery. The scent was launched in 2018 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Manuel Cross

Reviews of Chypre-Siam

On the opening I get lush lime and basil with white florals of creamy ylang ylang and the most beautiful jasmine accord. There is exotic spices, sandalwood, hints of civet and a lovely sweet oakmoss to die for. These notes are constantly dancing around each other at the same time, what a beauty.

You can tell a lot of thought and careful consideration went into creating this. The scent is very complex and intricate with really natural smelling ingredients. They truly don't make them like this anymore. Thank god for Rogue Perfumery in bringing back the dying art of the true chypre fragrance. This is a vintage lovers dream of a fragrance!

05th November, 2019
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United States
Outstanding, smooth, love the creamy dry-down.
18th October, 2019
Chypre, indeed! Sweet lime. wintry herbal. Dark spices. Animalic note fluctuates perfectly.

This has an old-school, vintage feel. Every note flows gracefully. It's very refined. The florals are un-feminine, slightly indolic without being ugly. Oakmoss, sandalwood, and benzoin are expertly blended. I am pretty much at a loss for better descriptive words. This, is just glorious!

There is a lovely, forest-like, wet earth vibe, from the oakmoss. Benzoin increases in time resulting in a somewhat resinous / balsamic tone. Civet, still comes and goes, too. Very well done!
14th October, 2019
This is a good one. Top marks. It's a Guerlain-esque chypre, to my nose. Super delicious, with a pear note, and woods. It smells dressy.
20th September, 2019
Chypre-Siam was a revelation. I’m not a vintage lover—there are plenty of current artisan and niche houses doing wonderful things that I don’t feel the need to track down perfumes that are long gone, and I’m too young to have any nostalgia for them. But, Rogue has been resurrecting some of these styles, and Chypre-Siam is probably the first full and glorious classic chypre I’ve ever really smelled.

The kaffir lime note that opens this fragrance—lush and slightly candied, a little tropical and coconutty—is unlike anything I’ve ever smelled in perfume before. It’s straight out of Thai cuisine. I wish I could extend it tenfold, but I’ll take of it what I can. It folds beautifully into the overall composition, combined at the opening with a bit of sweet basil and intensely piquant florals (more ylang than jasmine, to my nose). There’s a soft hint of spice, both from a peppery clove note and underlying resins, that help round this out. All over a huge bed of savory, dense oakmoss and a lingering, but subtle, civet funk.

This won’t personally ever be one I wear every day, but it’s an incredible experience. It’s a bit femme fatale to me—a classic archetype, overwhelming and completely engrossing in a dark and slightly dangerous way; sex and a hint of disaster simultaneously. It’s a beautiful, expertly-crafted achievement.
19th September, 2019
I'm not generally a chypre lover & certainly not an expert, but this is exactly the kind of fragrance I think of when considering the classic vintage chypre style, & without the "turned" feel that I get from many of them. There's a juicy twist of lime up top, underpinned with a bittersweet blend dominated by oakmoss. There's a green spiciness & an almost leathery feel here, along with those creosote-like violet ionones. Inhaling it deeply from my arm adds a smooth sweetness to the mix, & as it develops I pick up on a note of apple, a "bready" note, something balsamic, & then an ambery base with a touch of apricot. The projection is moderate, slowly fading until five hours in it seems to disappear entirely.
This is very similar to the Body Shop Chypre oil which I owned in the eighties, & of which I still have a tiny decant. It's not really my current style but I think it's extremely well done, & surely a must-try for those who hanker after those non-IFRA compliant vintage chypres. And it's another that probably needs to be sprayed to improve the performance.
19th June, 2019

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