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Aventus Cologne (2019)
by Creed


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Year of Launch2019
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyCreed

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The company says:

The House of Creed introduces a new universal fragrance, based on its most iconic scent, Aventus. Introducing Aventus Cologne, the rebellious counterpart to the bestselling Aventus. Urban spirited, individualistic and fashion-forward, this aromatic fruity Eau de Parfum is inspired by a classic uplifting cologne for men and is as much surprising as it is the new classic in men's fragrance.

Aventus Cologne fragrance notes

Reviews of Aventus Cologne

Personally, I find Aventus Cologne a fairly disappointing experience. After seeing other people's reviews my expectations had been managed but I still couldn't give more than a neutral for this.

It opens with a generic freshness that's followed up by a synthetic undercurrent of "nice smell". It's not unpleasant at all but it just isn't great. It puts me in mind of Prada Luna Rossa. I'm not saying that the notes are the same but the experience is very similar. Generic, fresh, synthetic.

I love the original but I do feel that it hasn't aged well due to the saturation of sauvage and others making it a cliché to smell so boldly "nice". Every other dude at work or in the supermarket now strongly smells great. This flanker just falls even more into that designer led cliché. It's just a "sport" version of aventus which has ripped the heart out the original by stripping away everything which isn't fresh.

Still, neutral cause it smells nice.
10th November, 2019
As usual, Zealot Crusader hit the nail on the head - this is Aventus for a climate with killer summers. I’m about to head into an Australian summer and I like Aventus - surely I’m the target market?

Oddly enough a couple of days before I got my Aventus Cologne sample, I got a whiff of Mont Blanc Adventure on a testing strip. I like them both... but I just don’t like Aventus Cologne enough to fork out the money for it.

If I’m considering paying well above the going rate for most designer fragrances, I expect some originality on the behalf of the creator, not just good execution.

Neutral - it’s not bad per se, but I can’t recommend it and can’t see anyone but a diehard Creed brand advocate wanting it.
07th November, 2019
I initially thought the note breakdown of Aventus Cologne was very similar to the original Aventus but was misinformed. It lacks the fruity notes, providing for a fresher top of ginger and mandarin, drying down to a more generic base of patchouli, vetiver, woods, and musk. It makes for a cleaner, less fruity version as it lacks the blackcurrant, green apple, and, of course, pineapple.

It’s a pleasant but in my estimation, somewhat unnecessary variation of what is already a fairly fresh and robust scent in the original Aventus, which, even though it’s not a personal favorite of mine among the Creed freshies, is nonetheless an agreeable, versatile, well-done scent that merits most of its acclaim. The Cologne feels a little superfluous; I don’t personally pine for a fresher, more transparent alternative to Aventus.

Still, at the right price, Aventus cologne is still superior to many Aventus clones, even with a little less gravitas than the original Aventus. The retail pricing ($435 for 100ml) remains challenging for this and other recent Creed releases, so I’d caution potential wearers to try and find a good deal if they do like, or just try the more widely-available and batch-variant original first.

Aventus Cologne is surely good but not great, in my opinion.

7 out of 10
13th September, 2019 (last edited: 14th September, 2019)
What a disappointment. That's really saying something since my expectations were already low. Overall it reminds me of Acqua di Gio, and countless others that came after, except with a piercing opening that reminds me of bile. Overhyped and overrated. Creed has certainly made some wonderful scents, but the fact anyone calls any of them original, with the exception of GIT, is beyond me.
24th August, 2019 (last edited: 22nd September, 2019)
The truth is that Aventus Cologne smells pretty decent. The question remains....Was it needed? My answer is no!

AC is really just a sport version of the original. By sport I mean toned down, more of a generic type feel and overall slightly designer. I just don't get the point?? Are users that gravitate towards those type of scents going to blow a packet of this stuff?? I can't see it. Not when they have a multitude of choice for a 10th of the price. Creed is probably my favorite fragrance house and have no problems paying top dollar for a fragrance as long as it smells special. This does not.

01st August, 2019
Aventus Cologne (2019) represents a startling number of firsts for the house of Creed. Creed originally had no interest in making flankers, because part of their marketing scheme was making every creation of theirs with a unique identity, implying that flankers were a way to transfer the brand cachet of one success over to another potentially inferior scent. Well if you know anything about Creed, it is that they believe their perfumes are superior to everyone else's in the market. They are the self-proclaimed oldest and most prestigious French perfume house in the world, and the only one still using a dynastic system long abandoned by the likes of Guerlain or Houbigant. Making flankers erodes that narrative, and places them in line with the designers they claim to be so far above, yet here we are with an Aventus (2010) flanker. Rewind to 2010, and the original Aventus proved to be a smash success, becoming the best-selling Creed perfume of all time, eclipsing other big hits like Millésime Impérial (1995) or even Green Irish Tweed (1985). They had little luck in the 2000's so they were overdue for another upper-class blockbuster to keep the interest of white collars and celebrities, so Aventus arrived just in time. The scent itself was uncommonly modern even for Creed, who usually balances old-world compositional values with modern aesthetics, and set a standard that trickled down to other niche houses, then the designer realm. Creed was boxed in by their own mega-success, and Aventus was dangerously close to being mainstream for a house that averages $400-$500 a bottle for their perfumes. Anything that came after would forever be compared to Aventus as a potential successor, meaning something like Viking (2017) was doomed to failure before it ever saw a single sniff from fans, so Creed had to continue using the Aventus name. There was no choice, Creed had created a monster, and that monster was owed an heir; Aventus Cologne was that heir. Now, Aventus for Her (2016) did come before this (setting another precedent), but we don't tend to think of the opposite sex portion of a matching pair as a flanker, since neither is intended to be worn by the same market as it's companion on the other side of the fence. With that logic in hand, this is indeed the first flanker the house has ever created, but that's just the first of several new precedents being set.

The second big precedent set by Aventus Cologne is the very style in which it exists. This is a thoroughly, undeniably conventional fresh fragrance, with absolutely zero link back to any of Creed's traditionalist DNA. Yes, there is the house ambergris note under it all (likely ambroxan with the volumes they produce these days), but the rest of the scent is very nondescript. Aventus made magic happen by having just a spark of that traditionalism mixed into what was otherwise a modern forward-thinking scent with mass appeal, but in Aventus Cologne, Creed just completely concedes to the tastes of what they now know as the real audience of the original, and these aren't the kind of people that shop haute couture boutiques or want anything on the cutting edge. Simply put, Aventus Cologne is Acqua di Giò Pour Homme (1996) for the affluent. We get a familiar vacuum-distilled bergamot as with Aventus proper, blended with blackcurrant and pineapple, but an added crisp green apple and mint enters the fray, imparting something of a 90's aquatic vibe minus the actual aquatic aromachemical note. The heart has some jasmine hedione, lots of the stuff just like the erstwhile Armani, with birch listed but no discernible quantities to my nose being found. I do get the listed rose, and a neat soapy kind of a thing that reminds me of a fresh fougère like Creed's own Himalaya (2002), but the base is all white musk and the house ambergris note with bits of oakmoss. The end result is a scent which draws parallels to Dior Homme Cologne (2014) but with a price tag many times higher, and a smidgen better performance. Light, spry, and fairly ubiquitous in tone, this is the first Creed that doesn't really "smell like Creed". That final touch of finesse which almost convinces you of the brand's pedigree isn't there, and you're left with another "mall jus" that blends in quick with the crowd. Wear time is long as with any Creed, but sillage is not monstrous like the original, meaning the "cologne" tag is mostly appropriate despite eau de parfum strength. This is rather casual for a Creed, although compared to the many designer "eau de sport colognes" on the market, Aventus Cologne feels like a cut above, but more so your average 2010's "niche" creation catering to a wealthier slice of the mainstream and not something in the aspirational range of a brand like Creed. Has Creed finally crossed the line with this? I don't know. Have they delivered a common, totally safe, run-of-the-mill fresh masculine that treads the same waters designers have sailed for the past thirty years? Most definitely.

Ultimately, Aventus Cologne is the flanker it sets out to be, a lighter and fresher take on Aventus that is easier to wear and better for summer. Funnily enough, Montblanc already beat them to that punch with Explorer (2019), a scent that strips the main accord in Aventus of its fanciness and presents a bergamot, vetiver, and ambroxan one-two punch that's leaner, meaner, and easier to wear in summer too. It got derided as a clone by the cult of tech bros who worship Creed Aventus in unhealthy amounts, but the successful democratization of the primary accord in Aventus was bound to happen, in the same sense that every mega-successful accord draws inspiration, going all the way back to the numerous takes on Chypre de Coty (1917). If Aventus Cologne had released at the height of Aventus madness maybe 5 years earlier, it would make more sense as a first-ever companion flanker to the best-selling behemoth, but releasing a year shy of the 10th anniversary tells a different tale, one of a house trying to extend the life of its cash cow after failing to make a successor that instead ended up becoming another entry in the extended range. This has "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" all over it, and for that reason, sets the third precedent of the house making a scent to directly appease the fanboys, which kills any suspension of disbelief that Creed is a noble perfume house with centuries of glamorous history who sets trends for everyone else. Pardon my intense cynicism. Do I like it? Of course I do. There is hardly anything unlikable outside the price, but all the designer options treading the same ground make it silly to buy this if you're not a die-hard Creed nut. Will the target market like it? I say mixed reactions leaning positive at best. If the only thing you wear is Aventus, with all other scents being inferior and only "the King" and it's batch variations being worthy of touching your skin, this is probably not for you. But, if you're the kind of guy who was pulled into the phenomenon by a YouTube video, fell in love with the stuff after snagging a decant, but wish you had a better warm-weather option from Creed that shared some DNA with Aventus instead of their usual dandy citrus florals, Creed is now speaking directly to you. Thumbs Up.
30th July, 2019

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