At Play

Scenes of JaimeB in leisure situations
  1. Māori greeting, as taught to me by the stone dude in the picture
  2. With Russ in Moorea, French Polynesia, Summer 2006
  3. "We are two wild and crazy guyzz!"
  4. Deck party in port at Bora Bora, 2006
  5. In front of our house with some visitors from back East
  6. Captain's Dinner night, Alaska cruise, 'way back in 2002
  7. Papeete, Tahiti, cruise pier at night
  8. Up over Lake County, California, in a hot air balloon
  9. Check out those balloons, dudes!
  10. Gettin' pretty high...
  11. Serious bull session over coffee with a bud
  12. Out to dinner with Russ
  13. Celebrating some friends' engagement
  14. Contra Costa County Fair ride, July 4, 2008
  15. Sitting by a fountain in Monterey, CA
  16. Russ and me at Bloody Mary's Bar in Bora Bora, Summer 2006
  17. At the Monterey Aquarium, looking slightly bored  or was it tired?
  18. In Moorea, near Tahiti, Summer 2006
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