New Mexico, Nuts, and Incense

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May 2009 trip to Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Taos
  1. $350 later 1024
  2. What is that jerk doing?
  3. Near the top of Sandía Mountain, after riding up in the tramway
  4. Tin Kachina Figure, Albuquerque Old Town
  5. Albuquerque Old Town Jeweler's Shop, $350 later
  6. San Felipe Neri Church, North Plaza, Albuquerque Old Town
  7. South Plaza, Albuquerque Old Town
  8. Hollyhocks and Opuntia (prickly pears), Albuquerque Old Town
  9. Zuni Dancer, Albuquerque Old Town
  10. Sandía Mtn. tramway, near Albuquerque
  11. Cliffs on Sandía Mtn.
  12. San Felipe Street, Albuquerque Old Town
  13. Russ, a rose among the roses, UNM, Albuquerque
  14. Traditional Hispanic arts, tin work light shade, UNM, Albuquerque
  15. University of New Mexico Albuquerque grounds
  16. María Martínez's house, San Ildefonso Pueblo
  17. Garden near the Wheelwright Museum, Museum Hill, Santa Fe
  18. Taos Pueblo, South Pueblo
  19. Saint Francis conversing with a groundhog, Santa Fe
  20. A mesa between two mesas, near San Ildefonso Pueblo
  21. St. Francis Cathedral, Santa Fe
  22. Eroded Mesa
  23. Higher Elevation
  24. Petroglyph National Monument
  25. Santa Fe Art Museum
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