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These are pictures of my scent and perfume bottle collection, plus other perfume related things that I may encounter when I'm out and about.
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  2. My collection of Serge Lutens scents in bottles (I also have a few 5 ml decants). Douce Amere and Iris Silver Mist are my favorites. The rest are...
  3. Vintage Perfumes I recently collected: Zadig by Emilio Pucci, Cabochard, Coty Chypre, Conga, Peau D'Espagne, Femme Rochas, Fidgi, Coty Styx, Coty...
  4. Peau d'Espagne by Roger & Gallet, The oldest perfume in my collection (100+ years old).
  5. Lanvins
  6. Onda - This used to be on my wish list. Now it's in my collection and I'm one happy girl!
  7. Chanels: Vintage Bois des Iles,Vintage No.19, Coco, Vintage No.5, Vintage Cuir de Russie.
  8. A close up of Napoleon's scent bottle that I saw at the Old Mint Museum in New Orleans. Just gorgeous!
  9. Perfume Journals
  10. Perfume Journal (I take notes on scents I want to try or have tried. I list the notes that are in a scent or sometimes I write about how the scent...
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