Kentucky, Florida, D.C., Chicago trip, fall 2008

Perfume shops visited in four locales
  1. Treasure trove: Profuse samples from, samples from Shadesofbleu, and Princess E bottle awarded by princess of Serbia arrived while I...
  2. Quarry, Mickey, Shalimar
  3. Geir Ness scents are found in a Norwegian store
  4. Smattering of Shiseido and Miyake frags in EPCOT's Japan
  5. Guerlain showcase #2
  6. Guerlain showcase #1
  7. More Guerlain views
  8. First Atlantic Ocean exposure
  9. Spray me right here. Statuary outside D.C. Union Station.
  10. EPCOT's Plume et Palette.
  11. Merz Apothecary section of Macy's on State Street, Chicago. Fabulous selections to sniff.
  12. New diner hitched to Capitol Limited.
  13. Got one-third the way through The Perfect Scent while aboard Amtrak.
  14. Gorgeous shop: Parfumerie on Chenoweth Square.
  15. EPCOT shop with Italian fragrances.
  16. Luscious Cargo. Yep, really.
  17. EPCOT Guerlain boutique.
  18. This shop's wow factor: Sous Le Vent, Mayotte, Liu, Vega, Attrape Coeur, Iris Ganache, Derby, Angelique Noire
  19. Louisville, Kentucky's Parfumerie, Quarry with Rose.
  20. Perfumes in EPCOT's U.K. shop
  21. Alleyway between Plume & Palette and Guerlain boutique at EPCOT.
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