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my companion parrots
  1. Mac the Eleanora Cockatoo
  2. Chianna in library
  3. Sirius the Sun Conure
  4. Tres Marie Amazon named Aeryn at 5 months old
  5. Maggie flying low
  6. Flying Maggie
  7. Zhaan our year old Hyacinth Macaw
  8. Maggie goofing off on a playstand.
  9. @ of our Sun Conures, Dobby and Sirius.
  10. Pretty-Pretty doing a cockatoo strut.
  11. This is a year old picture of Maggie my Blue and Gold Macaw, the first night after we bought her.  Note the black in her feathers from a poor diet. ...
  12. This is Asa and Alex.  They a female and male, respectively, that I bought from a bird store last year.  I couldn't stand the conditions they were in.
  13. This is Cuddles a rescued 3 year old Green Cheek Conure.  I recently send her to a breeder friend to be put into a breeding program.  She was taunted...
  14. This is Pretty-Pretty the Goffins Cockatoo in the middle of a happy dance.
  15. This is a Congo African Grey and Sun Conure that I raised and sold in April 2008.  Note the wing across the smaller bappie.  It was after bath time...
  16. This is Spicy, a Citron Cockatoo.  He is 30 some years old.  His 1st owner died and he went into mourning and mutilated himself.  He has bonded with...
  17. This is Skittles, a Sun Conure.  I raised her from 21/2 weeks.  She is sold.
  18. 2 rescued Goffins Cockatoos, Pretty-Pretty and Cocoa. We still can't touch Cocoa because they were neglected.  We can touch Pretty-Pretty, but only...
  19. zhaan our Hyacinth macaw
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