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Some of these are available for purchase from my Etsy site as well as commissions. Portraits or abstract art. These images are highly compressed to be posted on BN, so the color and detail is not accurate. Please view them here:

​I seek through my art to represent the life and movement that makes up the entire universe. There is no surface or area of space that is not filled with energy and movement; quantum particles pop in and out of existence even in deepest space. It's the quantum foam of existence. So through my detailed marker drawings, I am representing this endless energy and the unity of animate and inanimate objects—at a subatomic level, it is all one. Matter is just one form of energy. I'm creating a sensation of life through inorganic abstract shapes.

In December 2017, one of my psychedelic portraits was accepted into a prestigious art show, Surreal Salon 10 at the Baton Rouge Gallery - Center for Contemporary Art.
  1. The Embrace (All Things Are Alive 18), 18" x 24" markers on archival paperstock
  2. Infinity (All Things Are Alive 19), 12" x 9" markers on archival paperstock
  3. All Things Are Alive 16 - 18" x 24", markers on archival paperstock
  4. Waves (All Things Are Alive 15). 
This original art was a commission, not available for purchase. It is 36″ x 24″ and drawn on acid-free archival...
  5. Portrait of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, 18" x 24" markers on archival paperstock.
  6. All Things Are Alive 9 - 9" x 12" archival markers on acid-free paperstock
  7. All Things Are Alive 8, completed 9/27/18 
18" x 24", diverse markers on archival paper
  8. Robert Mueller portrait - completed Aug 2018
  9. Recent 9" x 12" drawing available on my Etsy site:
  10. Everything is Alive 6 
New work available from my Etsy store:
  11. Everything Is Alive 3
  12. Everything is Alive 2
  13. Portrait 1
  14. Portrait 2
  15. Self Portrait
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