News Special: Estée Lauder Launches the 2009 Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

    by April Schanoes, 01 October 2009

    News Special: Estée Lauder Launches the 2009 Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign
    Evelyn H. Lauder welcomed fashion, beauty, and fragrance bloggers to Estée Lauder's opulent headquarters for the launch of the worldwide October Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.  Mrs. Lauder passionately described her many contributions to breast cancer education and research.  In 1992 she co-created the Pink Ribbon to raise awareness of breast health;  85 million pink ribbons later, Mrs. Lauder, the founder and chairman of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, is just as legendary for her advocacy as she is for her much loved fragrances and impeccable style. 

    The eloquent Lauder introduced her colleagues in the campaign and went on to present the products from fifteen of the Estée Lauder companies that will raise funds this October.  Fragrance offerings include a limited-edition, 100 ml. Cashmere Mist edp and Be Delicious Fresh Blossom from Donna Karan Cosmetics, Beautiful  from Estée Lauder, Jo Malone’s Red Roses cologne and bath oil, and Sean John’s I Am King.   While munching on dainty pink cupcakes, chocolate-dipped strawberries, and sipping pink lemonade, bloggers were invited to reacquaint themselves with some of Lauder's popular perfumes. 

    Cashmere Mist is a wearable classic, beloved by many women and men.  Beautiful is America's best-selling fragrance.  What more can be said?   Be Delicious Fresh Blossom is a soft fruity floral excellent for a young woman seeking her first scent.  At home, I tried the Jo Malone's Red Roses bath oil.  How lovely to follow a steaming rose bath with oil applied directly to skin.  This true rose scent would be a perfect base on which to layer more dramatic, edgy rose fragrances.  Rose purists may want to apply the matching cologne to amp the rosiness of the oil.

    Facenotes readers will want to take advantage of the opportunity to contribute to breast cancer research while stocking up on favorite products from Estée Lauder, Clinique, La Mer, Bumble and Bumble, Bobbi Brown, and Darphin, among others.  Just in time for fall, I discovered a new favorite hand cream; Aveda's Hand Relief contains emollients and humectants for hydration and has a lovely, light citrus  scent.  

    Surrounded by bloggers in leopard stilettos, ankle boots, print dresses, and artfully applied makeup, I felt glad that I remembered to reapply my MAC Jungle Red.  I joined a gaggle of guests on a tour of Estée Lauder’s office, with its hand-painted walls, exquisite antiques, and signed photos of celebrities.  Fragrance lovers, take note: the design of Mrs. Lauder’s private bathroom is based on the Youth Dew bottle!  end of article

    April Schanoes

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    April Schanoes is a freelance writer, fragrance enthusiast, and clinical social worker in New York. She is also a certified barbecue judge and columnist for the National Barbecue News.

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