Introducing Bond No. 9: Bottling New York

    by Ali Nakhai, 01 April 2003

    Introducing Bond No. 9: Bottling New York
    New York city: Sinatra wrote songs about it, Scorsese makes films about it, and Kerouac wrote stories about it. Few cities if any can contend with the opulence of New York's culture scene. Every borough, street, alcove, alley of New York perspires with personality.

    Laurice Rahme, who handles the prestigious Creed line of perfumes in the USA, decided to bottle the effervescent personalities of New York. Thus arose BOND 9, a line of 16 fragrances each capturing a different quality of New York.

    When discussing a city like New York we can't forget about presentation. After all New Yorkers do everything with a flare! The perfumes are contained in enormous amphoras designed by artist Ron Rowe that resemble beautiful glass sculptures. Consumers can select however much perfume they wish and even select from a variety of bottles coming in beehive, fans, and figurals or simply an atomizer.

    New York however isn't just about looking the best it's also about being the best. The scents of BOND 9 are certainly among the best I have tried. These liquid jewels are created with traditional techniques using perfume concentrations between 18 and 22% to ensure longevity on the wearer.

    Like the city of New York these scents exhibit quality, variety, and durability. Although I found the whole collection pleasing a few scents stole my heart. "Hot Always," a sultry concoction of cinnamon, grass, wood, and leather notes arrests the senses smoothing down into a warm orchestra of civet, patchouli, and sandalwood. The sensuous soft touches of sandalwood drive the scent while the spicy sparkle of cinnamon dances around the animal force of civet. This fragrance is made in celebration of those quaint cozy romantic spots in New York like Chez es Saada or the River Cafe.

    Now we take a journey from Chez es Saada to "Chez Bond," the sparkling citrus violet scent made in honor of Bond street. Bond street hosts the flagship Creed store as well as a plethora of theaters and acting schools. Perhaps I am partial to this scent since my old acting school, the Gene Frankel Theater is located on Bond street as well as Bond my favorite Japanese restaurant. This scent is for the off the wall artistic intellectual. A bright burst of violet intermingles with citrus currents settling down in a close sandalwood base. This scent wears extremely close to the skin and isn't one to call attention to itself; it's only for you and your lovers.

    For more information, please contact Laurice Rahme at 1-212-228-1940. end of article

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