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    Jubilation XXV on skin: Hmmm. Very different to paper. Not so much of the blackcurrant, alas - I'm getting medicinal frankincense and a hint of the woods in the opening. It's keeping its masculine but unusual feel, which is great. It's working better in the sillage than close to the skin - I definitely think I'll be wanting more of this if only to fill the wardrobe gap. It's so rare for me to find a recognisable masculine I both like and would wear.

    It develops a woody-spicy feel as the top notes calm down, although something of the tartness hangs around. I am finding it quite powerful, I think careful application will be in order (and not wearing it when I'm hung over, unlike today), but it's still not setting off my wash-it-off nerves at all. Not even in the drydown, which is less unique. Very, very interesting indeed.
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    Encre Noire: Gorgeous on paper, unimpressive on my skin. Damn shame. On paper it's moody, chilly, tenebrous and citrusy - Edgar Allan Poe's study might have smelled like this while he was writing The Raven. On me, it's just.. meh. Evanescent and hard to pin down with only hints of the awesome punch it had on the strip. I think I just don't understand vetiver.

    Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille: I can see exactly why this is one of their best sellers. It's utterly, utterly inoffensive. A charming old buffer of a scent which always asks how you are but tends to doze off part way through the conversation. It's classy and balanced, and it makes tobacco (a note I usually hate) very tolerable - at times it's a kind of vanilla with attitude, and I think I'd like it more if it was slightly more kickass smoky vanilla than pleasantly refined tobacco. It doesn't make me like tobacco on me, just tolerate it.

    Random high street paper tests:

    Obsession for Men: Bleeuch. That is all.

    Aramis Adventurer: Slapping a hefty dose of AQUATIC on top of rich Aramis DNA is just... odd. It comes off as far too stereotypically masculine for my personal taste in any case, but it's somewhat deranged as a scent at times as well.

    CK Euphoria Men: Worth a skin test. Interesting modern fresh-spicy frag.

    CK Dark Obsession: Surprisingly faint, especially in comparison to its progenitor. I can't make out what I think of this - it must be the vetiver confusing me again. I haven't figured out how I relate to that as a note yet. Will try a skin test For Science when I've got a scent-free day...
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    Definitely enjoying the drydown of Musc Ravageur. Far more subtle than I was expecting, but I don't think it's going to be a purchase for me. Doesn't quite have the wow factor. Glad I have the sample though and hope to find occasions to use it up. Have also got my sights on Meharees...
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    Jaipur Homme - tested on paper, euch, soap. OK, very expensive soap, but soap nonetheless. Not a wear for me. Added to the swaps pile.

    Jubilation XXV - WOW. Individual to the max. So incredibly classically masculine and yet not in the tedious way. Bright and assertive, over a base of utterly unaffected maleness. I love that blackberry top note. I'm very much hoping this one works on my skin, watch this space...
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    Further tasting notes:

    Tom Ford Amber Absolute has incredible lasting power. Two days after a conservative test spritz I was still detecting it hanging around on my clothes and in my room. It's beautiful in the drydown - it goes through a somewhat antagonistic phase of being largely woods and incense part way through, but that said it's the only wood and incense blend I've ever encountered that felt balanced and well-mannered to me, and once the amber flushes back through and stabilises everything, it's blissful. Simple yet lovely. I enjoyed the boozy, woozy side of the amber so much that I think Ambre Russe should definitely be bumped up my test list. Wondering whether I have the budget to pick up a bit more Amber Absolute before it disappears completely.

    Fahrenheit 32 clearly offends the more sophisticated noses of BN due to being nothing like the original Fahrenheit, but I think my cheerful lack of refinement is standing me in good stead here. I enjoyed it from start to finish - a similar self-contradictory 'feel' to Fahrenheit but without smelling completely unlike anything I'd ever wear. Fahrenheit for people who don't like Fahrenheit, basically. On the full bottle list.
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    Did someone(YSL) tell you it was alcohol free? It is my understanding that "pure" commercially produced perfume contains between 15-40% of aromatic compounds and the rest is "fillers" such as alcohol. Maybe someone who is more knowledgeable can shed more light on this.
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    This one got washed off in the end. Headache-inducer. One for ebay I feel!

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