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    Such an amazing post! You are reading my thoughts. That's why we decided to launch Scentbird. We believe that we can learn people to collect their memories with the help of perfume like Andy Warhol and you did.
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    You're not bad yourself hun. It was a really nice gathering with lovely people. I think a London sniffathon meet up should become something that happens now and again. I'm game. x
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    Mumsy. It was great to meet you and have the chance to sniff your hyraceum tincture. You're every bit as lovely in person as you are one here.
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    Clarins Eau des Jardin
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    Off Scenter, all I know is that in my opinion, your departure was a deep disappointment to me and your surprise return made me ecstatic. I enjoy reading your reviews greatly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Way Off Scenter
    Thank you! It's good to hear from what I sometimes suspect is a "silent majority" of lurkers. (I often wonder if a majority of Basenotes users - even of members - don't post often, or at all.) I'm all for participating in Basenotes in whatever capacity - even if it's solely as a "listener."
    Same here! My first post here. I usually, glance and say...'Yeah, i'm outta here!!'
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    Love this topic! I routinely wear scents that are marketed as being for men, and there are plenty that are for women that I feel men should wear, especially Bandit as it is one of my all time favorites. Definitely agree that fragrances should have no gender - wear what you like and be adventurous!
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    I have also been dismayed at the recommendation of very expensive niche frags for beginners, but their discussion here should be nothing less than welcomed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by elexia
    {{ ClaireV }}

    Please do sorry for the language..i think you understand and u will do it...
    No offense taken! I'm happy to see that that particular thread eventually sputtered out before it degenerated into name-calling.
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    {{ ClaireV }}

    Please do sorry for the language..i think you understand and u will do it...
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