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    Thanks for your kind words. Of course, it went through many redactions before I got it to some degree of satisfaction — I still look at and want to change something or other, but once you call it "done" that's what it is...

    About your question, the poem couldn't have anything to do with Rimbaud. It appeared in a literary publication in Spring 1867, and Verlaine later included it in a volume called Fêtes galantes, which appeared in 1869. He didn't meet Rimbaud until late in 1871. By then he had married (1870) and his wife was expecting their child. After he met Rimbaud, he abandoned his budding family and commenced a raucous and rocky trip to London and an affair that eventually ended with him wounding Rimbaud in Brussels in 1873, shooting him twice in his left wrist. As you might imagine, by then their affair was already going badly. They had separated, and their meeting in Brussels was Verlaine's attempt to patch it up. As a result of the shooting, Verlaine spent a while in jail in Mons, in southern Belgium. Rimbaud wrote A Season in Hell (Une Saison en enfer, 1873) about their affair.

    You can read more about them in the Wikipedia Article on Rimbaud.
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    Nice! I think you did a really great job preserving all of the competing aspects with as little overall loss as possible. So difficult to do what you did there - I would almost certainly have given up on getting it to rhyme, yet with far worse results!

    The sound file seems to be missing when I go to the page - not sure what happened to it. Maybe I just didn't see it.

    Do you think Verlaine is speaking of Rimbaud here, or somebody else? Whoever it is, it's a fascinating and powerful description.

    Thanks for this - greatly appreciated!
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    I recorded the French version and added it to the blog entry. Click the link at the bottom of the original post, and click on the play arrow under the waveform panel. Enjoy!
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    Did you ever make that Pour un Homme cocktail? I'd love to know how it turned out if you did...

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