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    I love Yatagan by the way, and my guess is that everything has to do with pricing, not the quality of the product (same as in everywhere where perception plays a factor). Me, I always look for value (high quality-fair price).

    The highest price for a product is when the product is young and people are excited and willing to pay whatever amount to have it; when the product passes that stage you need lower the price to keep a loyal consumer base, and in the case of Yatagan they have done so for almost 40 years... not bad. I mean, how many people would be willing to pay $180 for a fragrance that is 40 years old?
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    Thank-you for the kind remark. This one feels especially old-school to me.
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    All I know is that the A&F store that used to be downtown here in San Diego wreaked of Fierce and you could smell it half a block away. Thankfully they closed it due to renovations in Horton Plaza.
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    Zephyr, so kind!
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    Greetings Wild,
    Thank you for stopping by and taking your time to leave a comment. This post was moved to the DIY section and had a few positive responses as well.
    Thank you & Happy Perfuming!
  6. Wild Gardener's Avatar
    I think you should make your products the centre piece of your approach.
    Assuming you will be sending out samples to potential employers, I recommend that you enclose a covering letter stating that you have made them yourself and that its what you want to do as a job.
    Add a resumé as well that makes a brief mention of your hobby.
    Best of luck
  7. kumquat's Avatar
    Thanks, 30 Roses!

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