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  1. Cyrus Smith's Avatar
    It is really nice indeed. I had the chance to attend an atelier in Montreal (last month) with the nose behind Monsillage, Isabelle Michaud. It was really enlightening. She spoke of perfumery in general but also about her own approach and we had the chance to try her fragrances, 6 in total (I think). Aviation Club, even though I only tried it once, caught my attention as well as Eau Fraîche & Eau de Céleri (won a prize last summer at Art & Olfaction). A House worth discovering!
  2. David Ruskin's Avatar
    Surely You "convey your identity" by being there, by wearing what you wear, by saying what you say and by behaving in the way you behave. How you smell will be a minor part of that whole picture. I would have no trouble in regarding a man dressed in an expensive suit, with an expensive watch, sitting at an expensive restaurant as someone who is successful enough to afford such things; that he smells of Tuberose would be part of that. One should wear what one is comfortable with, but it is only smell after all. You can convoy your identity in so many different ways, and can convoy many different identities at will. I think a tax advisor who smells of Shalimar would be marvellous.
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