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  1. Starlet fume's Avatar
    The one Fragrance I will never be without...Shalimar Perfume Guerlain.... I have so many bottles from so many decades. The 1970s version is my favorite. I am a hoarder to be sure

    Others I will keep in my collection ( and have stocked up on since they are either discontinued or will be someday)

    Angelique Encens Creed
    Magie Noire Vintage Perfume Lancome
    Rose Barbare Guerlain
    Vol De Nuit Perfume Vintage Guerlain
    Cuir Beluga Guerlain
    Opium Vintage only YSL
    Crepe De Chine Millot
    Profumo Acqua Di Parma
    Jicky Perfume Vintage Guerlain

    I guess I have to stop since I won't live long enough to use up all of them.....
  2. guerlainlover's Avatar
    Try here:

    My husband knows I'm interested in perfume (all those bottles on the dresser may have given it away) and just bought me a bottle. A colleague of his (an older Thai gentleman) was reminiscing about this scent, and said it was associated with ghosts.

    All the patchouli in the world, and a nice clean woody note.

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