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    Quote Originally Posted by david black
    Thanks for the info. Just found out about this today and was curious.
    Glad it was useful! All the interest in Pokemon recently has really changed things. I would have never thought people would be interested in Pokemon again, but I just saw some neighbors playing today.
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    A very interesting essay!

    I've always thought that the name 'French Lover' was so prejudicial to what is a brilliant perfume. Frederic Malle has said that the name was selected based on a personal anecdote when he was testing the fragrance but it's a name that effectively creates a contradiction between what the words conjure in the mind and what one actually experiences with the fragrance.

    A perfect name might have been 'Potrait of a Man' playing off another entry in the Editions de Parfums line and pointing to the fragrance's both archetypal and distinctive masculinity.
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    Thank you Mythrol!

    I've only just discovered your thread [July, 2016] and swallowed all your posts in one reading. Very informative and enjoyable reading.

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    Test notes: Papillon Anubis

    Strictly speaking this should be slap in the category of Scents I Absolutely Hate. Leather, smoke, heaviness, incense - all of them should be hitting my "run away" button pretty hard.

    In reality, what I'm getting is "Ohhh, so *this* is what dark leathery scents are supposed to smell like!". Don't get me wrong, it's big, a very in-your-face concept - and it's much more cindery and acrid than my usual sweetish comfort zone too. That said it completely lacks any sort of predictability, and in terms of character it's making me think most of several of BPAL's "kinky"-themed classic scents, which are often heavy on the leather. This, however, is what those guys want to be.

    Further on it calms down a little and warms to my skin; it's *just* on the acceptable side of too sharp, and in the drydown becomes a skin scent of a very tolerable sort. I think I may keep this for layering with other scents - I'm curious as to what it would add to womens' Dune - but it's not a wear for me.
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    nice site
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    Should have sent Frankiechocolate over to you before he got squished!
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    More Brilliant!!
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