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    Thanks, 30 Roses!
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    No doubt the agin get process changes a fragrance. People also become desensitised to smells over time, so when they don't have a vintage sample on hand, they decide the current formulation is weak.

    My venture into vintage was a time consuming waste of money, thankfully I was able to recover my money by on selling. Sometimes I think vintage sellers are keeping interest high to move stock.
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    Fragrances are art, and if you are passionate about fragrance it is worthwhile sampling as much as you can. Wearing them on myself serves a secondary, rewarding purpose.
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    very nice post Jaime
  5. Aromahead's Avatar
    Yes, it is a small world indeed!
    By the way, huge frag collection JaimeB !!!!
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    Great read, look forward to future contributions.
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    I think all of your points are valid and that it would take a doctoral thesis to cover that train of thought of yours in relation to the topic of colognes and perfumes. However, as long as you can afford it and it is not taking time away from your responsibilities, then enjoy! PS: Some people such as Floyd Mayweather drive a different car out of an 88 car collection contingent on mood, so, why not with colognes and perfumes? Enjoy life to its fullest!
    Updated 9th April 2015 at 02:00 AM by Paul H
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    These are beautiful!

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