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    I answer to the my question . This is after shave Captain Molyneux original ,year 1978,and 93 % .
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    Nice Blogpost, Thanks for share it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MxMoxie
    Great blog post! From that decade, which Avon fragrances are your favorites, and which do you perceive to have been most innovative?
    I think their attempt at some modern chypres from 2000-2003 were most interesting. Nobody was really making chypres from the popular mainstream at the time. Everything was fruity and ozonic, stuff like CK this or that, Happy from Clinique, Kenneth Cole etc. Avon was trying to marry an old traditional male scent profile with modern touches and ingredients, making a lot of really fresh and green chypres that had questionable projection but were just very oddly one foot in, and one foot out of the past. Perceive was a hit that's still made now because of it's odd lemongrass/mint/woods combo that can only be comparable to Iceberg Twice (but better). It's not -my- favorite but the only one available from that time.

    Avon Uomo was interesting, and kinda had this soft musk under green notes and some patchouli/sandalwood, a weird compromise between casual and romantic. Paradigm kinda went more in the woods direction and is very sharp/bright, almost urinous but with the clean early 200o's over-washing. HisStory was heavier on the green, and really reminded me of a modern interpretation of Eau Sauvage but with a suede note and way drier. This was stuff that now would be seen as very niche and probably cool, but back then was just in left field.

    Other interesting things were the flirtations with early gourmand-type scents, which were definitely trending then, putting Avon at the cutting edge of masculine fragrance tropes of the time almost by accident I guess (see Intrigue, Tomorrow for Men, Avon Signature). Outside of that, 2000's Avon was rife with aquatics, which were still popular, and a couple of really interesting peppery ones that I felt might have been better-received in the 90's but were nonetheless really well done. There was just a lot going with them at that time, they pumped out so many different new men's fragrances throughout the decade (and just as quickly retired them) that I can't even tell you all of them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mightycrone
    What an interesting, well-written account of this nearly invisible decade via Avon.

    I remember there was an Avon kiosk at my local mall. While I enjoyed sampling, even then, it was like falling in love with a sailor on leave.
    That's rather interesting if they had an Avon kiosk at your mall, because unless you're in mainland China (where direct sales were banned for a number of years), the company has never had any retail footprint outside of a brief stint with JC Penny under the "Mark" label (which failed and was pulled). Maybe it was an Avon rep that rented the space to sell their wares. I know they sometimes set up shops in flea markets, or stock products in consignment shops or little family-owned corner stores, but I've never seen an independently-run Avon counter in any major retail center.

    Anyway, I worked backwards through the previous decades recently, and found the 60's and 70's to be where it's at for really quality male scents, albeit ones playing it very safe by riding familiar grooves, while the 80's and 90's Avon to be pitiful and completely lacking direction. They were almost certainly treating men's fragrance as an afterthought after 1980, making things that were either quality but extremely outdated (see my review on Cordovan), or just totally crap all around. The Louis Feraud Pour Homme (made by Feraud in a partnership) being the only unique and contemporary male scent made after 1980 by them. The 90's fared a little better. Everafter was a nice romantic fragrance from 1990 and the still-produced Mesmerize came around in 1992, but that's really it until 2000.

    Any era you get still has the problem of being made at Eau de Cologne strength until after about 2004ish when they started making actual men's EDT's finally, so you'll be carrying the bottle to work and reapplying on the 4th hour.
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    Great blog post! From that decade, which Avon fragrances are your favorites, and which do you perceive to have been most innovative?

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