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  1. CapriDog's Avatar
    Thanks Andre. It's very resourceful. Whenever you have a chance, please do the batch codes for Shiseido Zen Original.
  2. lpp's Avatar
    Looking forward to hearing more, jarroditshallbe

    This is a link to the Directory contributions page in case it's helpful.
  3. Xscent's Avatar
    Thank you for the wonderful resource, it will come in very useful.
  4. danieq's Avatar
    Brilliant! Thank you!
  5. kumquat's Avatar
    The current one doesn't have oak moss. So it has very little character. It is too pale and sweet. Vintage is always better, sadly. The last time I bought it, a few years ago it was still good. Darn, it must have been changed by now.
    Updated 18th March 2014 at 09:10 PM by kumquat
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