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  1. What is Luca Turin up to these days?

    Luca Turin has had quite a run, first surfacing as a popular writer on scents with two books, The Secret of Scent (2006) and the Perfumes: The A-Z Guide (2008). He had already become a familiar name to some through Chandler Burr’s book The Emperor of Scent (2002), which contained the first account of his theory of olfaction. After a bit of a gap, The Little Book of Scents came out in 2011; finally, we saw a collection of Folio Columns 2003 to 2014, which appeared in 2015 .

  2. Nocturnal Meditation in Translation, "Clair de Lune"

    Translation is at best a difficult and dissatisfying, often even frustrating, task; yet I feel drawn to try my hand at it from time to time.

    This is a poem of Paul Verlaine, he of the sad and broken love affair and infatuation with the younger poet, his sometime admirer Arthur Rimbaud. The poem was also the inspiration for Claude Debussy's orchestral rendering in his piece of the same name, part of his Suite Bergamasque.

    Verlaine paints a moonlit landscape grounded

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    Personal Reflections
  3. Smelled on the Street

    Quote Originally Posted by williamroe View Post
    someone had Aventus on in the grocery store last week. I couldn't tell who it was.... or which aisle they were projecting from.
    That was probably me, lol. I just smelled this yesterday on the train on the way into work.
  4. Naturals vs Aroma Chemicals. The misunderstood world of chemicals

    by , 28th June 2017 at 07:18 PM (Possum-Pie's making sense of scents)
    I had a woman argue with me a few months ago that her aroma oils contained "NO CHEMICALS" I gently told her that she was absolutely wrong. The world is made of chemicals. Water is H20, Two hydrogen atoms bound by an Oxygen. Sugar is C12H22O11. To say something is "Chemical free" is absurd. I knew of course what she meant. She wanted to articulate to me that her product contained only natural ingredients. So let's look at that statement. Does that make it "better?" ...
  5. Searching for Oxymusc by A Lab On Fire

    I'm desperately searching for any remaining bottles of Oxymusc by A Lab On Fire. Sadly, my daily go-to scent as recently been discontinued Please help!

    Many Thanks!
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