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  1. Smokey Iris....

    by , 26th August 2012 at 09:58 AM (Scented Thoughts and Experiences)
    I've had a vintage free day today. It's almost unhinged me, frankly.

    As we are going camping and fishing for a week, i thought it best to end all my auctions, as i am not planning to take any technological device away with me. I am having an internet free week. The thought of that makes me anxious actually, so reliant am I upon the ability to do status updates from virtually any location. The campsite we stay at, does have wireless, but i am being firm with myself, and not taking ...
  2. Feminin/Feminine

    by , 26th August 2012 at 03:35 AM (Krak des Chevaliers)
    By now I think most of us here are well aware that the line between men's and women's fragrances is mostly aleatory and driven by marketing. Like many modern gentlemen, I wear a number of feminines; right now I'm enjoying a small nightcap dose of Putain des Palaces, and Sikkim, as I have mentioned before, is probably in my all-time top five. Still, there are certain feminines that I would never, ever want on me, or rather certain topoi that remain off limits. To wit:

    --anything ...

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