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  1. Choosing a Signature Vetyver

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    Comments invited to suggest a path through the sea of hundreds (at least) Vetiver-centered scents on the market.

    Vetiver can be Green and wet, or it can be smokey and dry. It can wax floral or turn dirty and musky. But it almost always lasts and lasts. It tends to evolve as it dries down lending dimension to an otherwise linear juice. Once dry it can develop powder, sweet or spice. It is frequently blended with woods, but is a grass/root itself.

    There are
  2. Creed Perfumes - Should I or shouldn't I?

    I've never even smelled a Creed perfume, but when I'm next in London, I'm going to test a few. Do you aficionados have any recommendations for me, Creed wise? My personal tastes range from Agent Provocateur and Diane (the new Von Furstenberg) to Gucci Rush, Elie Saab and J'Adore. Which Creed, if any, will I like? Thank you, oh wise fellow perfumeheads!
  3. TAPH117 exclusive perfumes

    by , 18th February 2012 at 07:13 PM (TAPH117 exclusive perfumes)
    let's start...
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  4. Goodbye, Original Samsara :(

    I have to say I'm extremely disappointed with the new version of Samsara- it's not the same scent at all!

    I fell completely in love a couple years ago with the partial bottle of the original EDT version, which I swapped with a kind fellow basenoter. I loved it! Everybody who smelled me loved it! Even strangers and folks I'd just met commented on it. I felt I had found my holy grail.

    But then I ordered the new version, and it's only the faintest interpretation ...
  5. I need help finding this cologne

    I remember what the bottle looks like its gray kinda round it reminds me of how a car tire would look its thick around the edges i tried to draw it see if it helps. on the front it had a lil pattern on it kinda like if it was woven but u cant feel it im an awful drawer but i tried
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