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  1. Ruminations on finding basenotes and falling in love- a thank you.

    Like many people, I chanced upon Basenotes by accident.

    A few months back, I watched Perfume, based on the fabulous novel by Patrick Suskind, and subsequently determined to read the original novel. Unfortunately Perfume has not yet been translated into American English and British translations are scarce (according to Amazon, at least,) so I bought it in Spanish. To make a long story shorter, the world of perfumery exerts a siren's call for certain personalities that led me directly ...
  2. Nasomatto

    A reply of mine to a thread about the Nasomatto line:

    By the way, the perfumer's name is Alessandro Gualtieri. He doesn't reveal any of the ingredients in his perfumes. They are described as "aiming to embody" such notions as "strength in fragility" (China White), and so forth. He cultivates quite an air of mystery, if you ask me.

    Some of the names are quite engaging if you equate perfumes with drugs: Narcotic Venus, China White (the street name

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  3. Justin Beiber, $30M - Someday, $32 - Ridiculous Perfume Packaging, Priceless

    I just saw Robin's post over at about JB's new frag and the thing that stuck me most was the bottle. Many people have commented that my absolute favourite perfume (Kingdom) smells a bit like a 'lady's love purse' but my first thought upon seeing it was that the flower on top of JB's frag LOOKS like one! Without reading the article I saw the pic and immediately thought some avant garde house was being tongue-in-cheek about the packaging for their new 'essence-of-woman' perfume. Whoops... ...
  4. desperately trying to find my new scent


    I´m desperately trying to find a new scent to use.

    I´ve been using Sensi-by Armany, for the last 5 years, but it´s been discontinued! I fell in love with it at once; it suits my skin and my personality. I do not wear it all the time (not at work, for instance) but I have received good feedback when I wear it for going out

    I find it warm and sensual, the scent develops nicely on my skin with time and makes me feel sexy and classy.

  5. Fragrance Review: Incanto pour homme by Salvatore Ferragamo - 2004

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    A summer fragrance: Light musk, citrus and light woods.
    It's a pretty basic fragrance becouse it feel wattered down. To be honest, I expected more from the S.F. fashion house. Longevity is'nt to good either. 3 to 4 hours.

    It's not all bad. This might be perfect for anyone that just wants a light and easy fragrance for just hanging around the house. And this is where the poor longevity come in handy. I usualy spray this on in the ...