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  1. The day of whispering to orange blossom

    When making a perfume, you can do it according to the laws of chemistry or choose an alchemical path. He made it both at the same time.

    Today he was making a fleur díoranger cologne. He kneaded the thick leathery skin of green bergamot and mixed it together with bright sunlight concentrated on the surface of sweet orange skin. He seasoned them both with green coldness of shadow from under the orange blossom tree. It was not enough, so he grabbed the rest of the citrus fruits, mixed ...
  2. 100 Fragrances Every Frag-Head Guy Should Try, part 23: Perfume As Art

    So, in continuation from yesterday, if perfume can be art, what exactly makes a perfume art? For sure, it has to have had a lot of work put into its creation, with a keen attention to detail. I think it should be trying to make a point or paint a picture thatís larger than simply smelling nice. And, in a way, I think it should be non-mainstream, in that a perfume thatís trying to smell like everything else in order to be easy to sell canít really be art in my opinion.

    Yesterdayís ...
  3. The beginning of the most wonderfull time of the year (For perfume) with Chanel's Egoiste

    It's fall, and many will agree with me that this is the best time to dust off your most daring and powerfull fragrances. This is the time of year I love because most of the scents I love, don't really do well in the summer. Nobody wants to be choked out by a cloud of Opium pour homme EDP right?!

    So about a month ago, as it was getting colder, I took out Givenchy's Pi. I had'nt smelled this for over 8 months and I forgot how good it is! This made me think about what to buy next for ...
  4. 'Nam Op Thai' or Ancient Thai Wet Powder Perfume

    'Nam Op Thai' gives you aromatic, fresh and coolness that is really suitable for tropical country like Thailand.

    It is an ancient Thai knowledge of 'Fragrance Making' and it was formerly wore exclusively by the people in the palace. Now it is available for everyone.

    Thai people in the city have changed their taste to western fragrances, but people in the rural area still use it ...
    Tags: ancient, floral, thai
  5. 100 Fragrances Every Frag-Head Guy Should Try, part 22: What Is Art?

    I think itís officially time for another especially long-winded post. Basically:

    What Is Art?

    Philosophically speaking, this has been argued for centuries by much greater minds than mine, so Iím certainly not going to make any great proclamations, but simply offer a few anecdotes and examples.

    Iíve spent quite a few years in the gourmet food business, and Iíve found that the idea that food can be art is quite important to the tone ...

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