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  1. ..Yes or No?

    I ran across this website because Im looking for the lowest price for Amouage fragrances. I found this site and contact them and the gave me a good price. Has anybody bought from them before? Are they legit?

    I only ask because the representative informed me that my product would be coming Illinois...i thought that was kinda odd.
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  2. More Poem Than Perfume: Green Wood Body Incense Oil by Mermade Magickal Arts

    Lately, as Iíve been sampling more lines by indie American perfumers, Iíve been discovering what might be an actual genre- for now Iíll call them Perfumes of Place. They are not perfumes per se, they are not ďprettyĒ, but they evoke, very clearly, a particular place. In this sense they are truly soulful scents, and have a strong effect on my emotions and the imagery that runs through my brain while Iím wearing them. Olympic Orchidsí Olympic Rainforest is in this category. And now Iíve discovered ...
  3. Perfumery Training: Training, Long-Distance Education, Textbooks - Why No Availability?

    Quote Originally Posted by Irina View Post
    Basically you first need to ask yourself this:

    1) What kind of perfume would I like to make? (all natural, from scratch, using pre-made blends like soap/candles fragrance oils, using aromachemicals etc.)

    2) How much time and money do I have? (professional aromatic materials are expensive and learning to make perfume takes time and perseverance)

    3) Do I want to learn it all by myself (self-taught) or do I want to follow a study? If you chose for a study
  4. Where to find wholesale perfume bottles

    I am trying to find 50 ml spray glass perfume bottles for purchase in Canada. Can anyone suggest either a wholesaler or manufacturer that is reputable to deal with?

    Thank you.
  5. Does anyone like Wall Street by Bond No 9 ?

    Quote Originally Posted by barclaydetolly View Post
    Just hate it. Love the op's description: "cucumber salty Korean salad." Couldn't have said it any better.
    I've never really noticed much of a dry down to be honest . Maybe I was too annoyed with the cucumbers and saltiness, I didn't pay it much attention. LoL
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