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  1. Box of vintage goodies.......

    by , 21st August 2012 at 10:43 AM (Scented Thoughts and Experiences)
    Today, i received via Priority Shipping, a box of goodies, for free, gratis, no obligation or strings attached. Although i was practically champing at the bit with excitement, i feel sure, most of you would be disdainful of my goodies. But one man's junk is another man's treasure, and the God Of Fragrance, saw fit to redistribute one person's underbed hoard, my way.

    This situation came about, as a result of an auction i won on Ebay, for a quarter ounce bottle of Arpege Extrait, something ...
  2. Sprechen zee german, well nein actually.....

    by , 20th August 2012 at 05:29 AM (Scented Thoughts and Experiences)
    In 2003, or 2004, i used to comb the internet, in order to find fragrances that were considered "popular" by others, and during the course of my surfing, i happened upon a website, which gave Flowerbelle Blanca a number one placement. I set about trying to locate a flacon of this juice, which would render me seductive, beautiful, irresistible, attractive, witty, intelligent, everything i yearned to be, yet needed the exterior application of a catalyst to unleash all these dynamic qualities. ...
  3. Obsession - not the one by CK

    by , 19th August 2012 at 12:52 AM (Scented Thoughts and Experiences)
    I have become obsessed by fragrance, as i knew i would. I possess that gene of becoming addictive in pursuits, except exercise, i must stress that. I have prayed to get obsessed by exercise, but no dice.

    But perfumes, ah, different matter altogether, because for me, it is a direct link with a feeling of being loved. An aunt of mine, very glamorous, she was, blonde, elegant, and completely emotionally distant towards me, gave me a bottle of Lentheric's Tweed, when i was 8.

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  4. The obtaining of vintage finds.....

    by , 18th August 2012 at 10:02 PM (Scented Thoughts and Experiences)
    So, it's Saturday, my garage sale day, and being new to vintage collecting, i thought this might be a previously unplundered wealth of vintage treasure.
    My other attempts - Craigslist ads - brought me 1 success, then several spectacular failures, where i got ripped off and cheated. My fault, i had not researched the fragrances i was purchasing, until i got them home, and found i could have bought them brand new and cheaper elsewhere. I have also bought a bottle, that didn't even spray, and ...
  5. Samples from Nordstroms

    by , 18th August 2012 at 09:05 AM (Scented Thoughts and Experiences)

    Well, for some time now, i have been attempting to extract samples from the overly protective girls in Nordstroms, Anchorage. It has become a pet peeve, and often the subject of a major rant, that they are totally stingy, and don't hand samples out liberally, despite the fact, that it's not costing them a thing. It usually goes a little something like this:
    I get dolled up, make up (a pretty rare sight in Alaska) high heels, designer high heels mind, a Coach bag, that's ...
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