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  1. How far will you go.....

    by , 25th August 2012 at 10:44 AM (Scented Thoughts and Experiences)
    Well, i managed to fit in a trip to an antique/thrift store today. Calling it a thrift store is somewhat of a misnomer. It's a log cabin, and like a maze inside. Jampacked with all manner of stuff, and it takes a good while to go through their cosmetics and potions. I didn't find that holy grail item, that i had visualised. I will admit to hoping for a collectible box, containing a full bottle of Joy Extrait ( a girl can dream can't she?)

    But getting there, to the actual location ...
  2. unsual sillage monsters for man

    besides joop homme
    bogart ph
    black aoud-montale
    fleur de male or male
    van cleef and arpel ph
    A MEN-mugler
    any tom ford
    and so on the USUAL SUSPECTS IN HERE ( base note man frags, powerhouse that we all talk about it all the time)
    what i want to know and buy its unusual nuclear bomb silage monster that we don't know about it. I'm sure there are out there, maybe someone can help? pls? no matter the price!! much appreciated ...

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  3. Just another day......

    by , 23rd August 2012 at 11:25 AM (Scented Thoughts and Experiences)
    Yet another exciting day in the fragrant world.

    I successfully subterfuged a sample in Nordstroms, which makes me feel like going out of the store, and high fiving random passersby. Thats 2 samples i've relieved them of, this week, so i reckon my technique is improving.

    I think they just hand them over in order to get rid of me, rambling on at them, with some highly suspect, transparently untrue tale, of why one spray on a little card, is hardly enough to coerce me ...
  4. The Perfume God, and praying for vintage.......

    by , 22nd August 2012 at 08:09 AM (Scented Thoughts and Experiences)
    Following on from yesterdays story, regarding my box of vintage goodies and how they came about, i feel i should also share this bit of good news too, now it has "firmed up" as it were.

    i have done a fantastic job of avoiding meeting my husband's family during our 2 year courtship, ours was a long distance relationship, with me based in Ireland, and him in Alaska, so it was fairly easy to postpone meeting his mother. So it is safe to say, i don't know her well, and have ...
  5. Scandalous whorehoppers on eBay, greed, avarice and how to not to get ripped off

    I'm relatively new to this perfume obsession, or at least I feel it because I simply haven't had the economic means to pursue my interest as much as I would like. But I try, which means regular trawling of eBay. And I have a beef.

    Item: Diptyque 12ml travel sprays being flogged on UK eBay for 18.99 a piece plus 2.35 postage.

    This is disgusting. Diptyque are one of a number of niche fragrance houses who are decent enough to offer many of their perfumes in a variety ...
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