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  1. 100 Fragrances Every Frag-Head Guy Should Try, part 4: Other Feminine Classic Must-Try's

    Well, itís day four of my grand experiment, and that brings me to a very short list thatís almost guaranteed to cause controversy:

    Other Feminine Classic Must-Tryís

    To be honest, I could have filled a hundred fragrances with this genre alone, but itís been done before, and much better than I could. If youíre interested, check out Luca Turinís guides or the writings of Roja Dove for more insight than I could possibly give.

    Iím being quite brutal ...
  2. 100 Fragrances Every Frag-Head Guy Should Try, part 3: What's The Big Deal About Guerlain?

    Wow Ė itís already time for our next installment of 100 Fragrances Every Frag-Obsessed Guy Should Try. As before, please bear in mind that this is one amateur's opinion. If you disagree with anything, please comment!

    Today, itís time to tackle something big:

    Whatís The Big Deal About Guerlain?

    When I first discovered Basenotes, I was shocked by how much all the experts here were constantly clamoring over Guerlain. Honestly, it wasnít ...
  3. Pure Malt Nation: a Prototype of a Utopian Society

    Sometimes I think about what a utopian society would be like. Perhaps I am wrong, but sometimes I think a utopian society would be one in which differences are obliterated. A society void of caste or class. Perhaps in such a society we would all dress alike. Perhaps in such a society we would all smell alike. Perhaps we would all smell like Pure Malt. Hmmm... I sense some of you wouldn't like that. Don't worry, it isn't going to happen anytime soon. But if it ever did happen: ...
  4. Addicted to Scents and Fragrances

    I just love it. Anything that smells wonderful, my sensitive nose will seek it out and distinguish a particular smell within an abundance of other scents, even in a busy city. I have been known to tell people what perfume they are wearing as they walk past, and am usually spot on! I can also smell other smells, sometimes ones which I am unable to identify but smell so fabulous.

    I adore the smell of leather, warm wet bath flannels, washing powder and crispy clean linen, jasmine, coconuts ...
  5. 100 Fragrances Every Frag-Head Guy Should Try, part 2: Male vs Female, The Icons

    Well, here I am again with part two of my list of scents every frag-obsessed guy should try. For those who haven't read part one, I don't claim to be any kind of an expert, and I'm presenting these as a potential source for conversation...

    For todayís entry, there are only two frags compared to yesterday's five, but they have longer explanations:

    Male vs. Female Ė The Icons

    6. Old Spice


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