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  1. 100 Fragrances Every Frag-Head Guy Should Try, part 30: Basenotes Darlings - Niche

    Sorry for yet another huge delay, but I’m still here… For those just joining us, I’ve been working on this project, inspired by NowSmellThis’s list of 100 Fragrances Every Perfumista Should Try, for a while now. Again, I’m just an amateur with no qualifications, but I thought it would be fun to do something more focused on a masculine point of view. With that, today’s continuation:

    The Basenotes Darlings – Niche

    Today’s entry is going to be awfully ...
  2. Revisiting “Unusual” Sunday Scents

    Back in early 2008, I posted about the fact that I had fallen into the habit of wearing some pretty “unusual” scents to choir practice and church on Sundays. For some context on what I'm about to post now, you can read that post here.

    Recently, someone who has environmental illness has joined the choir I sing with. Out of respect for this person’s request, I have refrained from using any fragrance on Sundays. This was a sad decision for me, but I wanted to be generous to a person
  3. RFP Day 4: CLEAN Warm Cotton

    by , 21st November 2011 at 04:07 AM (The Random Fragrance Project)
    I don't think I'm a "shower scent" person. I didn't like the original CLEAN fragrance and, while I don't hate Warm Cotton, I also don't see myself replacing this one. I smell like a laundromat. I don't find myself wanting to scrub the scent off my body the way I did the original fragrance and I'd be OK with this scent on the spouse, but it's just not speaking to me in any meaningful way.

    Very soapy with aquatic notes. It does smell like freshly-laundered towels.
  4. RFP Day 3: La Source

    by , 20th November 2011 at 03:33 AM (The Random Fragrance Project)
    It was supposed to be a lazy Saturday; instead, it wound up being Errand Day complete with gassing up the car in sub-zero temperatures and coffee that ran out before my errands did.

    Good thing I had this body lotion on - a gift - to help me find my zen. Repeatedly. Even when I wanted to bring my grocery cart to ramming speed. (I don't shop well, which is why nearly all of my commerce is now conducted online.)

    Crabtree and Evelyn's La Source line (I used the relaxing ...
  5. RFP Day 2: Amazing Grace

    by , 18th November 2011 at 09:49 PM (The Random Fragrance Project)
    I've just reapplied this one with a fairly heavy hand and I still couldn't tell you what it smells like. If I hold my wrist up to my nose, I can tell that I'm wearing something that registers as perfume and gives me a lingering hint of sweetness, almost as if I've spent the morning baking sugar cookies then spent the afternoon outside, but as soon as I'm not literally against my skin, I can't smell a thing.

    A few minutes in, the scents a bit more noticeable after the second application. ...

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