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  1. 100 Fragrances Every Frag-Head Guy Should Try, part 27: The Legends Of Niche Part 3 - The 2000's

    The Legends Of Niche, Part 3 – The 2000’s

    The 2000’s have brought about a new explosion in both niche perfumes and in the number of people discussing them. It’s cheap and easy to order or trade samples online and other interested people are just a mouse-click away, so it’s become quite simple to try even the most obscure scents. While it could be argued that this has led to today’s glut of overpriced but repetitive niche scents (seriously, if any niche perfumers read this and you’re ...

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  2. About the Random Fragrance Project.

    by , 16th November 2011 at 06:00 PM (The Random Fragrance Project)
    I recently discovered basenotes and have found it inspiring - especially the Random Fragrance button on Basenotes and Buysblind's blind sampling thread. Since I'm hardly sophisticated enough to do meaningful blind sampling (and because I have to put my own spin on everything I do), I've opted to randomly choose my scent-of-the-day for the next six months.

    Since I have a combination of fragrances and scented products (lotions, body butters, balms, etc), I'm choosing to use a random number generator ...

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    The Random Fragrance Project
  3. Can anyone help me find Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille?

    Hey guys,

    I am looking for this particular fragrance but it seems pretty hard to find where I live (the Netherlands). I was wondering if you guys know any UK/US webshops that ships to Europe.

    Thanks in advance!
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  4. Perfumes, Persons, and Poems. Perfumes as Poems, Part II: Counter-conjectures.

    In my last post in this series, I boldly asserted the identity of perfumes and poems, offering twenty platitudes which I claimed to be true of both perfumes and poems. (see: [url][/url]) I was thinking along the lines of Leibniz' Law, according to which, in this case, if everything true about poems is true of perfumes, and everything true about perfumes is true of poems, then this should establish their identity!

    I invited counterexamples ...

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  5. 100 Fragrances Every Frag-Head Guy Should Try, part 26: The Legends Of Niche Part 2 - The 90's

    The Legends Of Niche, Part 2 – The 1990’s

    78. Gendarme by Gendarme

    In 1991, Gendarme created the first anti-perfume. As the story goes, its founder was allergic or sensitive to ingredients in the scents of the times, so he created a mix of soapy notes and clean laundry chemicals that smelled like a hyper-exaggeration of “clean.” Then, in one of the best ironies in the whole world ...

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