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  1. Smelly Libraries

    Iíve been perfume blogging for 5 years now. I think that makes me either first or at least second generation. Iíve been through all the stages of perfumistahood, and the Jaded Stage was the worst. Would I finally give up my great love, perfume? Did IFRA kill it? Did Sephora? Nah, I went DIY. I went Nerd.

    I started a scent library and grew smelly plants, and after that went on for a couple of years, I started to make my own tinctures and perfumes. ACK! I heard that at some sort of ...
  2. Guerlain - La petite robe noire

    I sampled this for the first time today and was really impressed - the embodiment of the flirty and chic Parisienne. Unusual black cherry note, beautifully rounded and balanced by the masterful Thierry Wasser. The charming motif of 'La Parisienne' created by Kuntzel & Deygas adorning the packaging just adds to the appeal. Sellling wonderfully well in France, I hope this one's a winner in the UK x
  3. Curiosity Never Killed the Fresh Cat

    Can anyone tell me why Turin and Sanchez's "THE GUIDE" does not review the Fresh line? I'm talking about. . . . Fresh Index Bergamot Citrus, Red Currant Basil, Geranium Pepper + Fresh Sugar, Sugar Blossom, Lemon Sugar. . . . It seems like a pretty big line to omit from a book that bothered to review no fewer than eight Clean fragrances (oi vey, can't you just dismiss the lot as horrid, and move on?!). Is this a slam on the Fresh line as not qualifying as "fine fragrance," and ...
  4. Materials Safety Data Sheets

    Quote Originally Posted by 4160Tuesdays View Post
    I've just "stepped into the IFRA minefield", as Chris Bartlett so aptly puts it, as I'm in the fortunate position of being invited to sell my scents in a real live shop. (Something I wasn't sure I was quite ready for, but it would be daft to turn down the chance.)

    I thought I'd share what I'm going through. I shan't bore you with the endless internet research I did before getting a recommendation. I'd just say, do see if you can work on recommendations because it saves a
  5. Is body kouros worth owning if you alaready have le male and lolita lempika?

    is body kouros different enough from le male to also own it and is it different enough from lolita lempicka?? i need some opinions
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