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  1. New Is Old Again: A Bit of Anomie

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    Here is a picture of my new iMac on its new desk. Click on it to see a larger version. It looks very pretty, doesn't it? (You can ignore the cover on the chair; it's just there to keep our pet parrot from pooping on it.)

    For the past few weeks, I have been obsessing on getting the new machine, which is a significant upgrade in terms of speed, performance, and graphics from my old one, a much humbler (and less expensive) iMac.

    Updated 4th October 2012 at 05:17 AM by JaimeB

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  2. Reflections on Reformulation: Concluding Aesthetic Resignation.

    [B]Reality check[/B]

    The question of interest is not whether all reformulations are necessarily worse than the original perfumes. Surely some of them are better—at least to some wearers. The whole reason why some companies choose to reformulate is because they feel that “times have changed”—and wearers too. What might have been appropriate fifty years ago can seem dated or “old ladyish” (not a term of derogation in my own book, but according to many it is...) and if the company wishes ...
  3. Reflections on Reformulation. Inquiry 4. Do“Ancient Family Secrets” Also Protect Reformulations?

    [B]Some ingredients matter much more than others...[/B]

    One reason why the case of reformulated [I]Rumba [/I]is different from the case of “reformulated” [I]Drumsticks [/I]is because we never knew what was inside the bottle of [I]Rumba [/I]in the first place. Sure, there may be a list of ingredients, but the key ingredient, [I]fragrance[/I] or [I]parfum[/I] or [I]profumo[/I]—usually second only to alcohol and, in the case of colognes and some edts, water—is a [B]Big Black Box[/B]. ...
  4. Reflections on Reformulation. Inquiry 3: Are Rumbas like Drumsticks?

    [B]Adam Smith's not-so-invisible iron-fisted grip[/B]

    Economic factors underlying product modification figure frequently in many other realms as well, of course. Take ice cream, for example. Those who read the labels of foodstuffs before putting spoon to mouth will most certainly have taken note that in recent years “ice cream” once regarded as high end now may list “whey” as its very first (dominant) ingredient. Interestingly enough, such frozen confections no longer claim on their ...
  5. Reflections on Reformulation. Inquiry 2: Is a Reformulation a Fake?

    [B][I]It's the name on the bottle, ma'am[/I][/B]

    The most crucial distinction between an e-bay perfume scam and a reformulation is that in the latter but not in the former case it is the maker of the bottle, the house whose name is printed on the bottle and whose perfume it is, who fills the bottle. Still, we may earnestly protest, a perfume company may have the right to produce and sell whatever it produces under any name it wishes, but [I]is there not a point at which a form of ...

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