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  1. SOTD Tuesday, April17, 2012

    John Singer Sargent
    Serge Lutens-
    Vetiver Oriental

    Spring rushes forth in this cascade of moss and gold.
    A brisk, sparkling tingle brightens the afternoon.
    Lazing in the grass with a good book, some fine wine and
    charming companions, it might be a perfect day to fly a kite.
    Creamy and unisex, this delightful blend is as sensual as it is poetic.
    Men and women appreciate one another ; yin and yang.

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  2. Surviving the wind

    So I was wearing L'Homme by YSL yesterday. Knowing it is a light, clean, and inoffensive scent, I sprayed twice on each spot to cover its longevity issues: twice on the chest, twice on each side of the neck, twice on the back. Twice on my shirt. Smellin' good, feelin' good.

    It was my dentist day, and as soon as I opened the front door of my apartment to go to my parked car 30 feet away, a strong gust of wind greeted me. Slapped me in the face actually, and it probably erased half of ...
    Tags: spring, summer, wind
  3. pear

    can anyone please suggest a perfume that smells like pear?
  4. I need a new summer fragrance for a high schooler

    I'm 15 and in the ninth grade. I've been looking into some summer fragrances. I live in a place where it gets very hot 80-100 degrees in the summer. I have aqua di gio however, everyone and their brother has this cologne. I was looking into some new summer colognes that will last me lots of time and will project! I was looking at Kenneth Coles connected, Calvin Klein's eternity summer. But I want something unique but very good. I know that David off cool water is popular but everyone has that too. ...
  5. Patchouli Lovers ONLY!

    Name your TOP 4 TRULY Patchouli fragrances!

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