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  1. Blog #2!

    So it has been a wile since my last blog (my first one as well!) and of course I have been sniffing around like crazy. But first: I finaly got my hands on Opium pour homme EdP. Took long enough but it’s finaly here! Also got another YSL fragrance: La Nuit De l’Homme. I also got Tom Ford For Men. I took my time to test it since there were so many negative reviews on it, and I do not trust bad reviews........ Anyway, I love it. Although I must admit the longevity is not verry good but the scent itself ...
  2. Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    Quote Originally Posted by wilby2 View Post
    Here's the tally of this forum from page 1 - 32 plus page 1 to 9 of this 2nd forum

    I only included those perfume that got a score of higher than 9. and by the way Im not a dude who has nothing to do with his life but read forums lol. I tallied this coz I wanna get my dad the best perfume this xmas and Im not gonna be wasting money into a brand that Im not sure of. so there..=)
  3. Omnia Améthyste ~ Bulgari

  4. Jasmin Noir ~ Bulgari

  5. i kinda wish

    i never gave that white patchouli away
    the black whatever the eff
    the other tom ford that was high fiving white patchouli
    black orchid?
    i think it was from a stevie wonder song...

    i want good smelling dandruff shampoo
    cause i'm fancy

    i do like smelling like my grandpa's armpits, since you asked
    and i do like the smells of various travelling kids
    but i also like rain in the desert and all the typical stuff
    those ...