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  1. Perfumes, Persons, and Poems. Perfumes as Persons, Part I—counterpoint.

    [B][I]Oscar[/I] and I grew apart and eventually went our separate ways...[/B]

    For years we were united as a solitary front, and nothing seemed capable of rending us asunder. But one day I woke up, gazed over at him lying next to me and thought to myself, “This just isn't working anymore.” I was no longer satisfied with what [I]Oscar[/I] was able to provide. It wasn't that he withdrew his affection from me. No, the problem, I felt, was that somehow he had not kept up the pace: [B]he ...
  2. Perfume creation on hold...till now

    Finally my brand spanking new website is up and running and I'll be able to concentrate on creating perfumes once again.

    Let me know your thoughts on the new B Fragrances website
  3. I love ny for all by bond no. 9

    New and contemporary from the house of bond no 9 in NYC...

    I have just received the sample from Harrods London and have worn it all day long...

    Gorgeous and unique juice based around strong coffee, cocoa, leather, pepper, patchouli and vanilla notes...I can detect a very sensual gasolin/petrol note which is certainly very much of an 80`s accord...think garage/motorbikes/hot steamy attraction...I truly love this in a modern scent...there is a masculine/androgynous/vampish ...
  4. The Body Shop's Discontinued Japanese Musk

    Back in the mid 90's, I purchased the Body Shop's Japanese Musk and have been using it (sparingly) since. Yes...I am using the same bottle with a black cap. I have been on a search for this scent for many years. About 3 or 4 years ago, I went into the Body Shop in hopes to find the fragrance and was so happy to find the product again...only to be disappointed as it is NOT the same. I now have both scents and often go back to compare them, hoping that the newer one will smell like the original but ...
  5. SOTD - Wednesday 28 Sept 2011

    by , 29th September 2011 at 03:35 AM (Fleurine's Non-Blog)
    Very nostalgic this week. Another high school memory.

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