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  1. Frolicking with Pan in the lair...

    I love the flowies.. how can you not?? My years as a florist surrounded me in their lush scents, caressed me with soft velvet petals and the colours!!!!... proof that the Gods & Goddesses love us very much. Not surprising that KittyWitch Perfumery’s ready wear line is full of floral scents that make you go yum!!!…. but not everyone is hooked on flowies as I am. So I dug into our custom vault and re-discovered a past favorite “Pan’s Pleasure”. Memories and scent are so intertwined…. memories ...
  2. busting out my shalimar cherry

    tonight i celebrate my love for guerlain
    and i'm gonna get l heure bleu and jicky eventually

    now that i smoke rollies i have $150 i can spend a month
    so that means at least two bottles of good perfume and a lot of iced blueberry coffees from dunkin

    shalimar is intimidating in its presence
    seems really formal right off the bat
    sensual in a way that women completely different than me are sensual
    if that makes any sense ...
  3. Fragrances for teenage girls

    Quote Originally Posted by hectorhoraciootero View Post
    Hi everyone!

    I have a 13 years old daughter. She loves fragrances but has almost no experience with them. And I am interested in the topic, but I only have a little experience about men fragrances.

    Last year I gave her as a gift her first eau de toilette, "Wild" by Ralph Lauren (it was a recommendation given to me by a saleswoman in a shop). I was lucky that she liked it very much -or at least she told me so-, specially that strawberry scent. But she really
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  4. Intervention - Samples of frags

    Oh my God- I had no idea how simple it is to get carried away with ordering samples.
    I saw people on line who claimed to have hundreds of "imps" collected from buying samples but thought that was absurd.
    I really got hooked on Opus oils and smell bent and how easy it is to order samples and the next thing I know its three am on a saturday and Im agonizing over which collection I must posess .
    Its pretty bad when Im fitting them all in a makeup bag to drag around with ...
  5. On the English Language: A Slow Burn

    A while back, I posted to my blog about some of the peculiarities of the English language "as she is spoke" around America and the world ( One British reader responded and confessed to a fascination with American English. I recently looked at this post again, and it inspired this:

    Forgive me for doing a slow burn on this until two years later, but it just occurred to me that British

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