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  1. Against Niggardliness in Modern Perfumery. Plaint 1.

    [B]The Solution is *Not* Dilution[/B]

    Here in the United States, we live in a “bigger is better” culture, where muffins have grown to the size of loaves of bread, and the girths of those who eat them have expanded proportionately as well. I recently read that British visitors to this not-so-fair land gain an average of 8 lbs during their stay, and this is not without reason. The true clash of civilizations may ultimately be grounded only in this: the concept (or lack thereof) of portion ...
  2. Against Niggardliness in Modern Perfumery. A Manifesto in Separate Plaints.


    I once worked for a miserable, wretched little man, in every sense of those words, who wanted me to produce beautiful things in his name and on his behalf, but with neither a budget nor a staff. I tried in vain to explain what he never seems to have understood, and no doubt still does not today: “If you want nice things, you have to pay for them. If you can't pay for them, you can't have them.” Shortly thereafter, perhaps predictably, I was laid off.
  3. My Other Half Part Two; a Sniffing Trip!

    So yesterday l managed to get my BF to accompany me to our local city centre branch of Boots for a little sniffing trip! Having poured with rain in the morning, it had turned into a beautiful sunny, warm afternoon, & the parks were as green as they could be after all the rain we've had this week, & smelling wonderful.

    Our local football team were playing at home, (& winning!) there was a trial bike competition taking place in the square, & everyone seemed happy to be ...
  4. Shalimar Perfume Initial

    I may need to run for cover.

    This would have been better posted as a review but Shalimar Perfume Initial has not been listed yet (or I can't find it), and I just can't hold my wheesht.

    In my opinion Shalimar Perfume Initial is a very carefully thought out new interpretation of Shalimar which has been made with respect to the original Shalimar and to Guerlain generally. There I have said it.

    I think that we sometimes have to remind ourselves that new ...
  5. Egoiste "vintage"

    This isn't quite a review, just my thoughts on my particular bottle of vintage Egoiste.

    I loved my Egoiste mini which was bought new, and lots of people seem to think the vintage formulation was better or much better, especially the sandalwood note. I looked for a bottle on Ebay, from a seller with strong feedback, and took the plunge.

    My experience has been interesting. At first I thought, everyone is right, this is better than the current formula, more dense. But ...
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