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  1. A Comedy (or Tragedy?) of Errors

    Sometimes I do really stupid things.

    My intentions are good, but I mess up. For example, at the San Francisco Basenoters' Meet-Up last Saturday, ROtto very kindly gave me a sample of Pascal Morabito Or Black, a scent I've been curious about for a long time. Well, I've spent the past couple of days sniffing it on my hand, and I finally decided to pop for it.

    So I went online to the Morabito website, and I ordered it. Or rather, I thought I ordered it. What I actually did,

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  2. What should you wear any ideas?

    Does anyone got any ideas what fragrance you should wear when you want to ask a women out on a date ? just to give her a good impression of you ,

    and i'm saying she's going to say yes because of the frag
    but hopefully it will help
  3. Sampling time!

    Now that I've fallen into money, I'll be purchasing a few samples and a few bottles! Does anyone know a good place to get Serge Lutens samples? I know of The Perfumed Court, but they're charging $7 for 1ml and an additional $6 for shipping. That just seems extraordinarily expensive for 1ml. I wanna sample a few others, but I doubt I'll be able to find them (Midnight in Paris, Aventus). Oh how I wished I'd lived in a bigger city
  4. Perry Ellis Night ? Any info???

    Quote Originally Posted by LSD View Post
    Hey this is so crazy, I have a bottle that someone left at my office but I have not been able to find it. Which Macy's did you see this I would love to get one.It smells greattttt.
  5. SoTD - Saturday September 25th 2010

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    Eduard Manet, 1882

    Diptyque-Jardin Clos
    Backwards in time,
    I dream of spring again.
    Cool breaths of watermelon
    tease lilacs out to play.

    The wind moves gently as
    the robins feed on juicy bugs.
    There is little time before the snow,
    yet the glorious sweetness lingers.

    Notes: hyacinth, white lilac,
    watermelon, musk, cedar, moss