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  1. The start of a regular blog: What's on my mind

    As if I didn't have enough to do, I've been inspired by several people, mostly Kevin Guyer, to start some sort of regular update, to keep people informed as to what is going on behind the scenes.

    I'm not the most communicative of people, and while this didn't really matter ten years ago, it's a little more important now.

    Normally my todo list is fairly long and what I do next depends on what seems most important at the time. Mainly, it's putting fires out. In the last ...
    Behind the Scenes
  2. BMM11 Behind The Scenes: Wheeling and Dealing

    Many Basenoters enjoy Basenotes March Madness, but it’s something just this side of an obsession for me as commissioner of the thing. Suffice it to say that I started preliminary work on BMM12 (March 1 2012) in December 2010. I was simultaneously working on BMM11 and in my first message on the topic to Grant Osborne, owner of, I asked about the possibility of a prize this year. That was back on 12/15, but good things come to those who wait, and BMM11 officially has a prize ...
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  3. Say It Ain't So Gio... Or A Newbie's Guide to Spotting A Counterfeit Acqua Di Gio.

    The past year I have been adding many fragrances to my collection.

    But during this time I received my fair share of fakes and counterfeits since I do purchase from online auctions and private sellers.

    I give most of these internet sellers the benefit of the doubt as I don't think they realize they are selling a fake or they are just not familiar with that particular fragrance brand they have offered for sale.

    It is not unusual for the seller to state ...
  4. AVON LEATHER A few days ago I raved about getting my vintage Avon Leather aftershave in the mail

    now I'm happy to report that the Leather aftershave has kept its potency and I've started to use it as a second "layer" when going out.

    I've gotten some great feedback when applying Varvatos Vintage and then adding Avon Leather to it, sort of a "manning-up" of this already popular scent (VV).
  5. Quick Update: You can now sort your wardrobe by house/name or rating

    I've had a few requests to return this feature. Consider it done.


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