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  1. 100 Fragrances Every Frag-Head Guy Should Try, part 7: Drugstore Classics

    Itís installment seven and itís time to get unabashedly masculine, so here are some timeless icons:

    Drugstore Classics

    These old drugstore scents get a bad rap. Sure, for $5.99 a bottle, they canít possibly contain any expensive, top-notch ingredients, but thatís not a fair way to judge them. To put it simply, a menís designer mall release for $60 a bottle doesnít have the budget for top-notch ingredients either, once you factor in advertising and how ...
  2. 100 Fragrances Every Frag-Head Guy Should Try, part 6: Leather

    Hey everyone! Yesterdayís post was pretty non-specific, but I promise to list specific fragrances from now on. Honestly, I had a sort of a plan how to start this project, but from here on out, things are going to get a little random. For anyone who skipped the first few, please keep in mind that Iím no expert and I hope no one reading this thinks that I actually consider myself any kind of perfume professor - I just smell lots of thingsÖ

    With that, I give you todayís topic: ...
  3. random realisation

    Just a quick diversion from my monotonous accounting job to note a startling CB I Hate Perfume coincidence wearing a sample of Beach and have taken Beautiful Launderette with me to work to use as my office spray..hows that?
  4. 100 Fragrances Every Frag-Head Guy Should Try, part 5: Smell Stuff

    So here's installment number five of my silly experiment, and I realize that I started off pretty deep and that there have been some seriously baffling scents in this list so far. I suppose itís a little cruel to start people off with Jicky and Chanel No. 5, so I think itís time to go back to the square one, the very first things I think guys interested in getting to know fragrances should smell.

    I know that some of you who read this will consider this cheating, but it may very ...
  5. The Blessings of This Life and the Joys of the World to Come

    Once in a while, I remember all the good things I have not done anything to deserve, but enjoy nevertheless...

    The only appropriate response to this is deep gratitude. The sheer generosity of our friends and loved ones is so precious, and we so often take it for granted or fail to repay it in kind, that we absolutely must remember to be grateful or risk losing our humanity altogether.

    Even beyond human love and kindness, consider the beauty of the world, its rich color,

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    Personal Reflections
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