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  1. To mix or not to mix? that is the question

    For many years i have been fascinated at how fragrances were created and how each person could craft their own signature scent that people will remember them by even long after they are gone from this world.

    But is it right to tamper with iconic fragrances in search of something that suits you? ...I secretly cringe when i meet someone wearing the exact same fragrance as me and i usually shy away from buying into the latest fashionable scent.

    Also you could take that ...
  2. The Intriguing case of the......

    An Intriguing case for the delectation of Basenotes..............

    In the 1970's little schoolchildren all over Europe were encouraged to choose penpals from a list of other little schoolchildren, the objective being that they would learn something about each other. I chose Helmut, a boy from Germany, whom I hope is happy and living well, but my story does not concern him. I also chose a girl from France. Her name was Francoise. Francoise Lelong.

    In her first letter ...

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  3. My Wardrobe - A Walking Tour

    Vivienne Westwood's first fragrance, Boudoir was launched in 1998.
    The heart of the fragrance has accords of red English roses that produce an extremely feminine floral note. transporting you to a traditional English Country Garden with evening scents of tobacco flowers and heliotrope. With top accord vibernum combined with notes of bergamot and mandarine. (from VW website)

    Hello and welcome to my wardrobe.
  4. Last batch o' samples

    Welp, I got try them all out now! Acqua di Sale is somewhat of a disappointment. Normally that'd be a bad thing, but considering it's $240 for a bottle, I'm quite happy that I don't like it. It's meant to evoke the feeling of the ocean, but it more or less smells sickly and much like something you'd use to clean a floor with. Maybe with a bit of a lime skittle note. Definitely not for me. From my last sample haul, I got a sample of Sel Marin which I feel is FAR more successful. Not only that, it's ...
  5. Too Special for Words

    Have you ever had a perfume that was so special, important or beautiful to you, that you put off writing a review, because you simply couldn't put it into words? l have, & l decided to attempt my first blog post on it, instead of trying to fit the story into a review.

    For me, that perfume is Estee Lauder Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia.

    ln 2008, after being into perfume pretty much all my life, l was seeing a guy from California who told me he disliked my "old ...
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