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  1. Useful "starter" aromachemicals

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Bartlett View Post
    I thought it might be helpful to list some of the aroma chemicals that I find most useful, most often, in no particular order:
    Synthetic Ambergris - there are several and I use one in many, many accords I make
    Iso E Super - adds a unique diffusive quality to many accords. IFRA limits this to 20% but that's more than you are ever likely to want to use anyway - I find 2% is plenty in a finished product (that's 2% of the total product not 2% of the aromatics, just to be clear)
  2. Vegan conundrum....

    Quote Originally Posted by sarıpatates View Post
    Asking for things not tested on animals, and without animal products is ok. But please don't call them cruelty-free in a place where not everyone shares your ethical views.
    Otherwise I may call the ones that are tested on animals stupid-free.
  3. Providence Perfume Co.

    This is my first natural perfume from Providence Perfume Co. I have a pot of Chiffonade solid perfume for which their website lists the notes as:
    Violet Leaf

    What I get is mostly orris and basil with hints of other green-ness that I assume is the violet leaf or other herbs and some floral which must be the mimosa and iris. The herbal notes diminish first, but the orris does not and it gets sweeter as I wear it. It is very ...
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  4. Portland, OR

    Quote Originally Posted by Birdboy48 View Post
    The Perfume House is just that : a house in the Hawthorne district which has been converted into a store that sells nothing but perfume.

    I'm a bit of a newbie, but know enough to tell that they carry just about anything you might hope to see: they are basically floor to ceiling with juice in 4-5 rooms. The full line of Amouage ( the president of the company was due to stop by the day we were there ! ) and the complete lines of many other high-end brands. They've been at
  5. New Is Old Again: A Bit of Anomie

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    Here is a picture of my new iMac on its new desk. Click on it to see a larger version. It looks very pretty, doesn't it? (You can ignore the cover on the chair; it's just there to keep our pet parrot from pooping on it.)

    For the past few weeks, I have been obsessing on getting the new machine, which is a significant upgrade in terms of speed, performance, and graphics from my old one, a much humbler (and less expensive) iMac.

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