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  1. SOTD: Monday, April 28, 2014

    Daytime: Cafe Diem by PK Perfumes.My sweetie sniffed and says "Salty Cupcakes".
    The kitties sniffed it half-heartedly, They do sniff some, ignore others...
    I will wash it off and try another for this evening, not a fan.
  2. SOTD Friday, April 25, 2014

    Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's".
    Chanel- 31 Rue Cambon
    A raucous party of bergamot and patchouli,
    whirling giddy with too much champagne.
    Business is pleasure but when did pleasure
    become business?

    Pass the canapés and hold in your stomach.
    Even if your feet hurt and that bit of wit fell flat,
    there is a soft,
  3. PK Perfumes Pass - Ere

    Testing, testing!

    Crisp forest but it's sunny forest. Something reminding me of Sweet Woodruff too. More to come as it develops fully.
  4. PK Perfumes & Slumberhouse Passes

    Set up and started, two passes landed at once, so lots to compare. And much bathing to test faster! I use unscented milk and oatmeal bath products so it really clears the leftover scent off, but ALL of these are strong!

  5. The Jean Carles Method

    Quote Originally Posted by Abs View Post
    I have recently did a play on Jean Carles method just using different math, and the presumption that I can tell when it is right. The idea being that at some point it is too much of one, and eventually it will not seem like too much. This certainly will not replace the full on experimentation, because it doesn't take into account aging, nor side by side comparison, it is good for something.

    Simply start with your two ingredients by putting 1 drop each into a container and using strips
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