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  1. What in your opinion is the best highschool cologne to wear in warmer weather(Texas ,South Florida)?

    These are the colognes i currently own.

    -I am King
    - Gucci Pour Homme
    - Live Jazz
    - Issey Miyake
    - Allure Homme Sport
    - Love and Luck
    - Black XS
    - Green Irish Tweed ( For special events and stuff)
    - ADG

    I wanted to know what is the best one to make a daily wear that isnt too expensive. Also I wanted to know of Silver Mountain Water is worth getting because i herd it smells alot like I am king , which ...
    Tags: creed, highschool
  2. Some Notes on Hawaii

    Well, I was hoping to have some photos to go along with this, but I don't seem to have a way to make a new album. I guess I'll just have to work on that later...

    Anyway, I've been home now for a little over a week from Russ's and my trip to the Big Island and O'ahu. We were there for a little over seven days, Saturday to Saturday. We flew into the Kona Airport and picked up a rental car to drive up to the Hilton Waikoloa resort, where we were booked until Wednesday of that week.
  3. USPS so annoyed !!!!!!

    I had a large order coming from TPC, I received half of the packages but the damn USPS lost the rest...someone is wearing over $200 worth of samples that don't belong to them!
    Has this happened to anyone else's orders?
    I was going to place more orders, but now..maybe not : ((
    Heres the short email i got back from TPC :

    It appears the USPS has lost/misplaced your packages. I have advised the owners to reship one time at our expense. ...
  4. Penhaligons

    Dear Basenoters,

    Already have Bleinheim, hesitating between Douro and Endymion,

    Your votes will tip the balance, please help in deciding,

    Many thanks from Paris : )))
  5. Do You Smell What I Smell? – A Challenge

    Of course we’re all unique. But how large are our differences? There are fragrances – rose, lemon, vanilla, coffee, … – that most of us are very familiar with. We’ve all learned to recognize them, we associate the same fragrances with the same sources, and we use the same names for them. But what about less familiar odors? I wouldn’t have recognized a fougere or chypre before I got into fragrances.

    I'm thinking about how wide the differences are in the way people experience ...

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