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  1. My First Creed! :-)

    Just ordered my first Creed and went with Virgin Island Water. I gave in because of the weather. Well, that and $20 off an already nicely priced tester from a reputable site with free shipping helped sway me too.

    Today is the first not bitterly cold day in New York City (I didn't have to wear a silly hat walking around to keep my ears warm). Figure if I really start itching for the summer to start, I can give myself a spritz of this while I'm plopped in front of the computer or ...

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  2. My First Perfume Love - Revisited

    In honour of a Valentines Day which has found me, a-typically though quite thuroughly, broken (heart, health, hearing - its really been a rough 24 hrs ) I decided to try and lift myself by painting my nails blood red:

    Side Note: I just checked the bottle to confirm the name, OPI Quarter of a Cent-Cherry, only to be struck by the irony that my pseudo-depression is in no small part due to the 25th birthday looming a mere 3 weeks away. Its been such a bad day, the only possible ...
  3. Celebrating nice stuff

    Sometimes running a website which is primarily based on users interacting it's too easy to find yourself focussing on the negative side of things: The members that behave like antisocial idiots, the ones that derail a thread; the trolls etc etc.

    Luckily, the majority of the members are helpful, lovely and do thoughtful things. As a parent of two children, I've noticed that kids thrive on, and really appreciate being rewarded for their achievements. I don't think us grown-ups are really ...
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  4. Frédéric Malle will be at Holt’s Bloor St. in Toronto on May 5th.

    Frédéric Malle, his own self, will be at Holt’s Bloor Street in Toronto on May 5th. The time and length of the visit is still to be determined.
  5. Bond No. 9's Wall Street -- I LIKE IT!

    I just got a sample of Bond No. 9's Wall St. From just smelling it in the vile, I really (REALLY) like it. Looking forward to giving it a proper try. This could be my go-to work scent for the spring. :-)

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