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  1. My New Iris

  2. Layering with Bal a Versailles

    I just blind-bought a mini of BaV at a junk/antiques/curios shop. I loved the fragrance, and was amazed by its legendary longevity. Then, I started experimenting with layering. I started with Jazz, because I think it is a related fragrance. The result was impressive, the two frags fitting together to make something bigger than both. I was not surprised to find it was lingering on my arm for most of the next day. Then, I decided to try another YSL, Opium pour Homme. This didn't work nearly ...
  3. New Discoveries

    As noted before...this is mainly for my own personal reference...or whatever.
    I am SO happy that the weather is turning colder here in Denmark and I can get back to wearing my favorite summer-inappropriate scents. I have been swapping like crazy on MUA and have recently fallen in love with Etat Libre d Oranges Fat Electrician. I was given a 3ml sample and after two wearings I have ordered a bottle, finances be damned. I had earmarked that money for a bottle of L'Heure but I guess it will ...
  4. Which do you should be a signature scent?

    I recently recieved these as gifts. Which would you consider as a signature scent:
    Blue Sugar Aqualina
    Eau d'Sud Annick Goutal
    Hanae Mori
  5. SotD Friday 03 September

    Quote Originally Posted by kumquat View Post

    Renoir, 1887
    Jil Sander No.4

    Blinded by hot waves of tuberose;
    I am reminded of what it means to be feminine.
    The cool water of a gentle stream is a welcome contrast
    to the warmth of the oriental bloom of spices here.
    The blue skies and puffy clouds dry the
    clean white towels for a glorious sun bath.
    The last of the summer.

    Top notes; Plum, Peach, Anise, Coriander

    Updated 9th September 2010 at 10:03 PM by kumquat


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