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  1. How Many Fragrances Should a Normal Man Have?

    Confucius said, "The first order of business is the rectification of names." Or, to put it another way, the definition of terms. So what exactly do you mean by "normal"? I would prefer not to use dictionary definitions in favor of a more Socratic discussion.

    Here's my idea of "normal": A normal person is one who goes about his life taking thought for his actions and therefore proceeding along a path which does not often lead him to contemplate what may
  2. SOTD Tuesday 15 March 2011

    Quote Originally Posted by kumquat View Post

    Shinsui, 1953
    Genius flow of woods into green,
    followed by flowers up the winding path.
    Leather straps hold the bucket.
    Gently, the stream sparkles.

    Murasaki, launched in 1980 by Shiseido is a floral-green fragrance for women.
    Top notes are; gardenia, galbanum, peach, hiacynth and bergamot
    Middle notes are; lily, orris root, jasmine, lily-of-the-valley and rose
  3. Perfume - Stinking Great?

    I've just read the article in the 'Just Starting Out' forum - - some of the more "nasty" notes/ingredients in fragrance

    And it was one of the best reads I've gotten on perfume, amusing and full of not so pretty truths about what at first appears classic and beautiful. I was a little surprised to find some of my favourites (Shalimar, Kelly Caleche) among the list of perfumes including 'stinky' notes but then not surprised ...
  4. Paris, Chapter 3. Closure with pics :)

    I am back to Berlin and wiritng this final report at my own desktop.

    What a great trip this has been.
    I will talk about the City and our experiences after I have wrapped up my olfactory joys conclusively and yes, this means Pics

    Day 3 :
    So, on the third day I stepped back a little from visiting exclusive shops and the likes in favour of my girlfriend. That much consideration is appropriate when you visit the great city of love as a couple, dont you ...
  5. Thankful for a quick recovery ;)

    Thank you everyone for great suggestions!


    So, I have no idea whatever god may have granted me my wish but I will be thankfull for at least a year.
    I went the good ol' home medicine way, drank lots of water and gallons of Vitamin C containing orange juice.
    Well, my sense of smell (and taste, for that matter) was back today

    I was given 1 1/2 hours spare time by my g/f who has grudginly accepted my obsession albeit she ...

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