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  1. Re-review - Hypnotic Poison Eau Sensuelle

    Ok, so wanting something fresh and pretty today I decided to go for Hypnotic Poison Eau Sensuelle again. I love most of the other poisons so I was really excited to get it as a gift and couldn't wait to try it out. My first spritz was a big let down. Its really pretty and by any definition smells 'good' but I found it so dessert-like and it faded so quickly I was starting to scope out friends collections to initiate a swap. Thought I'd revisit today because well I'm desperate and my friends all ...
  2. New Fragrance Launch by German Perfumer Erik Kormann

    Brand: Das Aromatisches Blog
    Origin: Germany
    Perfumer: Erik Kormann
    Launch: 2010
    Gender: Unisex
    Range: EDP
    Olfactive family: Gourmet -chocolate iris
    Olfactive notes: Frankincense, rosewood, coriander, Frambione, musk, patchouli, iris concrete, cardamom, vanilla, tolu balm, coumarin.
    Description by the brand: "Cute and Cuddly. An incense perfume that smells a bit like chocolate".

    to continue to read this review, please ...
  3. Its been a Pan type of Day..

    Its been a Pan type of Day…
    The moss on the trees have blossomed to full lush vibrant green, and the sounds of all the melting is a song of release and promise..I think of spring and my thoughts return to the idea of bringing back a past KittyWitch Perfumery favorite..
    “Pan’s Pleasure”…with a base of amber, and sandelwood I play with revamping the recipe.. I have been recently intoxicated with vetivert so thats a must.. ohh maybe moss oak, cedar, or deerstounge.. Looking for that deep, ...
  4. Flagrance Fashion Faux Pas!

    The Humor of Bad Taste and The Bad Taste of Humor - An Age-Old Dilemma

    Inspired by a forthright discussion with some of the ladies here at Basenotes, two of my favorite characters explore a thorny question of social cohesion versus individual freedom of expression. Two brothers on very different paths in life, but still united by their love of fragrance, and perhaps ...

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  5. When Eitquette is not practical

    One of the biggest struggles I had was trying to follow the seasonal rules of fragrances. I know, I know. Most people will click off by now or roll their eyes until they fall out of there head. But hear this.... I LIVE IN DALLAS TX!!!!. You hear that snobs? It is 80 from April to October and many 70 plus days in Nov, Dec and yes even Jan (we had a 80 day in Feb twice). That means that I would only get opportunity ...

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