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  1. Sampling Groups Part 2: How to Pack Samples to Avoid Mishaps

    Basically there are two things to prevent: leaks and breakage.

    Leak prevention:

    1. Leave a bit of head space when decanting!
    Liquids expand in the lower atmospheric pressure of the airplane hold, so don't fill the vial or atomizer completely, or the perfume will be forced out when it expands.

    2. Tape the caps on afterward.
    The idea is to keep the cap in place so the sprayer doesn't discharge by accident. Bandage tape leaves ...

    Updated 3rd June 2011 at 03:50 AM by 30 Roses

  2. Hawaii: Fragrance, Flowers, and Leis

    In a few days, my husband Russ and I are off to Hawaii for a week's vacation. I have been there twice before, and each time have learned more about Hawaii, its beauty, resources, and culture, its people and its many attractions.

    We'll be spending a few days on the Big Island, Kona side, enjoying the warmth and the water, and seeing some of the island, where until now we have only spent a few hours, years ago while on a Hawaiian cruise.

    Then we'll spend a few more days

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    Personal Reflections
  3. Nota Bene: Blog entries chronology

    Just a note to point out that the blog entries are sort of "backwards". In my world I am used to thinking of older things as coming first and then the next one is a bit earlier, until finally at the bottom is the latest entry. The way these blogs are published, the opposite occurs. I wonder if most people will have no problem figuring this out, whereas for me, it would be confusing!

    I would not have had to do this if the blogs were not limited to a certain number of words. ...
  4. New Member Trials continued

    Posted 16 May 2011
    I do go slow. But as I've said before on this same thread, I have a low tolerance for perfumes, which is kind of odd for someone who is focusing so on them! But that said, I don't have the mental-emotional state necessary to "process" a scent the way I want to - everyday. I may even go a whole week without trying a new one. As you pointed out Nevermore, one can work with a given scent every day, but the same one. For instance, I have been wearing small amounts ...
  5. New Member trials continue along

    Posted 29 April 2011
    OK the next scent of which I bought a sample is Roger and Gallet's Jean Marie Farina. (I had a difficult time at first deciding which names were the makers and which the fragrance!). This was first formulated in 1806. It is a true eau de cologne in the sense that it is not meant to last long. I liked it immediately and then when it disappeared after an hour I liked it even more! Hahaha! Yes, unlike the majority, I like scents to NOT LAST. In fact with JMF I believe I ...

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