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  1. smells will assault you

    that new "activist" body wash from body shop has cardamom
    at first i was in all my invigorated, manly glory
    when suddenly the urge to purge befell me

    why lord?

    it does smell like an axe bodywash
    luckily, i like those

    apple meow meow baby wash
    good shit
    mama likey

    i don't understand how people bathe every day
    i salute their courage
    once you commit you can get through it
    but ...
  2. Original Prada

    Another review, I just can't help blogging them, but this way I can get comments or discussion, which are welcome.

    This is a review for the original parfum. It comes in a low, wide round bottle that is gold, glass, and black. There is a gold "cork" so you daub this scent on.

    The scent is not too sweet, someone here described it as a white flower, leather chypre and I think that is apt. I can't help thinking that the earlier review was for the new Prada, ...
  3. I finally came across Trussardi Uomo at a small boutique shop near where I live........

    I did'nt even spray it on a strip, my skin or in the air, I just smelled the nozzle......WHOOAA!

    That is some strong juice! I did'nt even want to test spray it since I was already wearing B Men and I was afraid Trussardi would overwhelm poor B Men for the rest of the evening.

    I'm gonna have to go back when I work up the courage to spray it on my skin, if you're reading this and you wear T Oumo, do you think it smells "dated" or "stuffy" for older ...
  4. BMM11 Behind The Scenes: Best Laid Plans

    I began preliminary work for Basenotes March Madness 2011 today, a paper sketch that I always seem to need to do before designing a website or a database. I'll be designing both in this case, but the core of the game will of course be on Basenotes. The site I'm building will host the nomination and voting process to select what fragrances make the cut, and will also manage the bracket challenge, where users attempt to predict the outcome of each game. At the end of a day's games, I simply give ...
    Tags: bmm11
  5. Fragrance for first dates (22 y.o.)

    Hi Basenoters! I am 22 years old, living in a tropical country, and I recently got hooked on fragrances. Now, I'm trying to cover each occasion with at least one fragrance.

    So far, I think I have everything covered, say, PR's One Million for a night out with friends, etc. Now, I'm trying to look for a fragrance that's suitable for first dates, hehe

    I was thinking of fragrances somewhere along the line of Polo Double Black (unsure about its longevity), Armani Attitude ...
    Tags: date, sexy

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