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  1. Flagrance Fashion Faux Pas!

    The Humor of Bad Taste and The Bad Taste of Humor - An Age-Old Dilemma

    Inspired by a forthright discussion with some of the ladies here at Basenotes, two of my favorite characters explore a thorny question of social cohesion versus individual freedom of expression. Two brothers on very different paths in life, but still united by their love of fragrance, and perhaps ...

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  2. When Eitquette is not practical

    One of the biggest struggles I had was trying to follow the seasonal rules of fragrances. I know, I know. Most people will click off by now or roll their eyes until they fall out of there head. But hear this.... I LIVE IN DALLAS TX!!!!. You hear that snobs? It is 80 from April to October and many 70 plus days in Nov, Dec and yes even Jan (we had a 80 day in Feb twice). That means that I would only get opportunity ...
  3. Been a While... Roundup!

    So I recently spend a week in Paris and visiting the Guerlain flag ship on Champs Elysees was definitely in the top 5 best moments. During that trip I bought quite impulsively and without testing Hermes Eau de Mervielles and Tiare Mimosa... haven't really road tested either yet but a random spritz of the AA has me thinking it lovely and wearable but a full bottle might not have been necessary. More to come on those...

    Not sure if its the change in seasons but I find myself searching ...
  4. I Smell. . . Something I Can't Use

    So, I was planning to do a little sailboat racing today, but my colleague with whom I was planning to go sailing cannot go. Why? Because he cannot get his Laser off his SUV roof by himself. I mentioned to him once, "Why don't you get a trailer?" He explained, "The trailers damage the hull."

    It's times like these, I'm glad I bought a Laser clone, and for $500 with trailer. I see tons of people buying these expensive fixed keel cabin boats that need a crane ...
  5. The Wrist: Spray and Sniff? How to Be Discreet...

    From time to time people on Basenotes have posted threads asking if one should spray one's wrist. These threads usually discuss this issue as if the main reason for spraying the wrist were to be able to enjoy sniffing one's own scent during the day.

    The discussion inevitably includes a few who feel that sniffing one's own wrist is somehow ludicrous; once I even read a post in which someone said it made one seem "perverted," as if there were something wrong with that!

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