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  1. A Post in the Thread "When and how did your real fragrance journey begin?"

    Very interesting questions, ctran019! Thanks for asking.

    I grew up in a household where people sometimes wore scent, so I could say that I was interested/curious about it from an early age. My real interest began sometime around age 30, and it took off pretty quickly after that. I'm not sure exactly what sparked it; maybe it was that I started finding more people who wore scent. At least, that's what I think it was.

    Once I became interested, I began to read about it and

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  2. My new wafting world

    Over the years I have lovingly embraced my desire to sleep by arranging my nocturnal netherworld into the purest form of pleasure possible. The magic ritual for me is before retiring, I spray both R&L sides of my mattress (close to where my face is) with Penhaligon's Opus 1870, then rub in some Segreli di Terre Lontane "Mirra & Mirra" lotion on the top & bottom of my pillow, and finally, I spray Monocle Scent One: Hinoki on both sides of my pillow, and liberally mist along ...
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  3. My First Creed! :-)

    Just ordered my first Creed and went with Virgin Island Water. I gave in because of the weather. Well, that and $20 off an already nicely priced tester from a reputable site with free shipping helped sway me too.

    Today is the first not bitterly cold day in New York City (I didn't have to wear a silly hat walking around to keep my ears warm). Figure if I really start itching for the summer to start, I can give myself a spritz of this while I'm plopped in front of the computer or ...

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  4. My First Perfume Love - Revisited

    In honour of a Valentines Day which has found me, a-typically though quite thuroughly, broken (heart, health, hearing - its really been a rough 24 hrs ) I decided to try and lift myself by painting my nails blood red:

    Side Note: I just checked the bottle to confirm the name, OPI Quarter of a Cent-Cherry, only to be struck by the irony that my pseudo-depression is in no small part due to the 25th birthday looming a mere 3 weeks away. Its been such a bad day, the only possible ...
  5. Celebrating nice stuff

    Sometimes running a website which is primarily based on users interacting it's too easy to find yourself focussing on the negative side of things: The members that behave like antisocial idiots, the ones that derail a thread; the trolls etc etc.

    Luckily, the majority of the members are helpful, lovely and do thoughtful things. As a parent of two children, I've noticed that kids thrive on, and really appreciate being rewarded for their achievements. I don't think us grown-ups are really ...
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