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  1. Poême ~ Lancome

  2. Crystal Noir ~ Versace

    Updated 21st December 2010 at 09:08 AM by meta

    Tags: crystal, noir
  3. smells will assault you

    that new "activist" body wash from body shop has cardamom
    at first i was in all my invigorated, manly glory
    when suddenly the urge to purge befell me

    why lord?

    it does smell like an axe bodywash
    luckily, i like those

    apple meow meow baby wash
    good shit
    mama likey

    i don't understand how people bathe every day
    i salute their courage
    once you commit you can get through it
    but ...
  4. Original Prada

    Another review, I just can't help blogging them, but this way I can get comments or discussion, which are welcome.

    This is a review for the original parfum. It comes in a low, wide round bottle that is gold, glass, and black. There is a gold "cork" so you daub this scent on.

    The scent is not too sweet, someone here described it as a white flower, leather chypre and I think that is apt. I can't help thinking that the earlier review was for the new Prada, ...
  5. I finally came across Trussardi Uomo at a small boutique shop near where I live........

    I did'nt even spray it on a strip, my skin or in the air, I just smelled the nozzle......WHOOAA!

    That is some strong juice! I did'nt even want to test spray it since I was already wearing B Men and I was afraid Trussardi would overwhelm poor B Men for the rest of the evening.

    I'm gonna have to go back when I work up the courage to spray it on my skin, if you're reading this and you wear T Oumo, do you think it smells "dated" or "stuffy" for older ...

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