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  1. How to Start a Sampling Group for Perfumes

    In our desire to experience more perfumes without going broke in the process, many of us eventually buy or swap samples. But the cost of buying also adds up fast, and swapping requires that you have something the other person wants! Additionally, not everyone lives where they can test the fragrances at a store counter.

    There is another alternative, and that is a sampling group, which has these advantages:

    1. Each member only spends a little money to mail the package ...

    Updated 2nd June 2011 at 01:27 AM by 30 Roses

  2. Defending Jo Malone

    There are not too many kind reviews for Jo Malone fragrances here on BN, I see! (Been reading up tonight as I attempt to log my enormous pile of samples acquired from a lovely SA named Zenaida at the JM store in the Wynn, Las Vegas.) So, I just wanted to sing a little ditty in praise of this obviously very successful perfumery. Within my review of Nectarine Blossom and Honey:
    "Like all Jo Malones I've tried, you get what you read in the fragrance's title and not more, so you would be ...
  3. Perfumey headaches

    Thought this was more suitable for a blog entry as its more of a ramble than any questions!
    My very first batch of supplies from PA arrived yesterday, just 10 days from ordering
    The aroma chems were smellable ( is that a word? ) through the packaging, which should have warned me to throw a window or two open lol.
    So of course being the perfume virgin that I am, I happily wafted strips around under everyones noses, even the dog ( she loved the ISO E as did my son). ...

    Updated 28th May 2011 at 11:10 AM by melodyjayne

  4. Perfume creating is not easy!

    So far I seem to be creating things that are reminiscent of various cleaning products.
    Maybe I should stay away from all things citrus/rose and lavender.
    The past two hours i have spent trying to perfect a base note, the fragrance is a musky rose..and i am sure by the end of the day I would have created a pretty airfreshner lol, not a perfume
    Nothing seems to have much depth on my skin, so far.
    I am beginning to think its much easier just to buy perfume..and ...
  5. Which is the best Private Blend Tom Ford?

    I'm thinking of buying a Tom Ford Private Blend perfume but I'm not sure which one. I was wandering if you could tell me which of the Tom Ford's has better review so I can make up my own mind.

    I am tore between Tuscan Leather, Tobacco Vanille, Noir de Noir and Italian Cypress

    I sampled the latest Neroli Portofino last week and I enjoyed it. There is a very distinctive hight orangey note on it.

    I'm not often seduced by bottles but this Neroli is a piece ...

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