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  1. New Member Trials continued

    Posted 24 April 2011
    Today I tried on Eau Sauvage for a second time. Same perception as before, when I reported:
    "3rd and last. Eau Sauvage (Dior) by Edmund Roudnitska, 1966.
    Classified as a citrus chypre, and has notes of lemon, rosemary, petitgrain, basil, jasmine, rose, iris, oakmoss, vetiver, and musk.
    OK, this one started out just fine. I liked the lightness of the citrus note(s). But then it started to get sort of "dark" and kind of musty. That is, ...
  2. New Member Fragrance Trials continued

    Posted 10 April 2011
    Greetings, here's just a short update for those following my odyssey.
    Of the 12 fragrances I ordered as tiny samples and which arrived this past week, I have thus far tried two on my skin: Guerlain's Vetiver and Chanel's Cuir de Russie.

    Two more different scents I can hardly imagine! I finally have decided that what I was smelling with the Vetiver is in fact vetiver! It is very subtle I think. I had no problem wearing it at all. For one thing because ...
  3. New Member Fragrance Trials continued

    Posted 15 March 2011
    Re: New Member Continuation
    Well I see it is March 9th since I've written in. Thought this post that I've also put in the conifers group is noteworthy as a milestone in my development as a nascent perfumisto:

    I bought my very first fragrance in decades, last week. This was a big deal for me. After discovering completely by chance Turin and Sanchez' book, and reading it and other works pretty much with unabashed fascination, I finally got around ...
  4. New Member Fragrance Trials (some tribulations)

    Begun 31 May 2011I have decided to take another member's advice and move my on-going, Just Starting Out thread, "New Member Continuation" here as it really is a blog and not a thread. So first I'll transfer all of the trials made to date (May 31, 2011) here.

    Posted 8 March 2011Beaujour mes amis!
    I have decided that my first thread "New Member Introduction" was complete in various ways, not the least of which, that I have "introduced myself" well ...
  5. How to Start a Sampling Group for Perfumes

    In our desire to experience more perfumes without going broke in the process, many of us eventually buy or swap samples. But the cost of buying also adds up fast, and swapping requires that you have something the other person wants! Additionally, not everyone lives where they can test the fragrances at a store counter.

    There is another alternative, and that is a sampling group, which has these advantages:

    1. Each member only spends a little money to mail the package ...

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