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  1. Silver Scent Intense

    I was in the market for cologne that lasted long and projected. Avoiding the popular A*men, I decided to blind buy Silver Scent Intense. I will describe this as a long lasting, projecting cologne that smells like a product cleaner.

    I did not wear this fragrance. I dislike the scent. I hope to get rid of this thing.

    Anyone who wants it may contact me.
  2. Aiona's Minute Medical Text of Skin Biochemistry

    I had a friend who passed away about 11 years ago. The anniversary of her death will be this August 13th. Her friendship really affected my life in so many ways. I'll always be indebted to her for the advice, wisdom, and jokes that she shared with me.

    I remember we were discussing something once, computer programming, I believe. She explained why something I was doing wasn't working. I vented my frustration, and after a pause, she said, "Ignorance."

    I ...
  3. The Myth of the Skin Chemistry Myth. Proof 3.

    [B]What swapping implies[/B]

    There can be little doubt that certain synthetic perfumes are simply intolerably gross. But others actually further induce acute psychological and emotional stress in some but not all wearers. That such compositions remain on the market would seem definitively to prove that some people's nerve endings are far more sensitive than others. Although those who deny the relevance—or even reality—of skin chemistry may attempt to mock those who identify chemical ...

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  4. The Myth of the Skin Chemistry Myth. Proof 2.

    [B]The case of the stinky guy[/B]

    Everyone knows someone who needs to shower frequently. Everyone has known someone with halitosis. Everyone knows someone who simply smells unpleasant, for reasons which remain somehow inscrutable. Do they eat a lot of garlic? Wear dirty clothes? Live in a slovenly hovel teeming with vermin? Who really knows? All that we really need to know is that physical closeness is very difficult to conceive of with such a person.

    Some among us, ...

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  5. The Myth of the Skin Chemistry Myth. Proof 1.

    [B]Why do some perfumes make us ill?[/B]

    The answer is simple, really. Just as every other human trait is distributed over a bell curve, so, too, is sensitivity to the various chemicals commonly included in perfumes. When you learn, as have I, that your physiology violently rejects a certain peony rendition, then you naturally become wary of its presence in all future perfumes, and you learn to recognize it quickly—as in before dousing your entire body with the vile stuff—when it ...

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