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  1. Best Gourmant

    Hey you guys, I'm kinda new to this fragrance thing, and I'm looking for a nice chocolate or coffee gourmant any sugesstions.
  2. Joining the Pure Malt Craze (A Litte Late)

    I gave into peer pressure and just placed my order for Pure Malt. This is a complete blind buy. Even after reading and watching all the videos on it, I still have no idea what to expect.

    Now, I wait. ;-)
  3. BMM11 Behind The Scenes: Unexpected Successes

    So the first phase of the BMM voting site has done really well in itís first two weeks, with 106 different users, 2157 votes and 501 different fragrances in the running at the time of this writing. Iíve gotta say, I wasnít sure what to expect but I wasnít expecting that kind of response so early. I took the time to get the most recent numbers, available here, and thereís a good mix towards the top. I havenít begun any coding on the second half of the site, the prediction contest, I suspect ...
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  4. New Fragrances

    New fragrances to test for reviews. and I am sure some of them will become a big bottle.
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  5. Me and Carnal Flower - Part One:

    I have a great idea! Instead of blurbing about a newly acquired fragrance in Word and then trying to transfer 3 months worth of observations into a blog, I'll do it all as blogs! Bit by bit! That way I won't have the odious task of censoring my blogs or trying to figure out where to splice them. My Jungle L'Elephant and L'Heure Bleue 'reviews' are two blogs long - each - so I am yet to post them. I hate editing - I need an editor!! D:

    Anyway, onto Carnal Flower from Frederic Malle. ...
    Tags: green, tuberose
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