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  1. I Smell. . . Finite

    As usual this web log serves as a confessional. Forgive me, fragrances, for I have sinned.

    My confession. I hoard.

    I remember back in the 1970's, food in the grocery store did not have expiration dates. They didn't have nutritional data labels either. But that's beside the point. When did food start having an expiration date? They always did. 'Just I guess due to litigation, they actually had to start guesstimating and using a date beyond which they would not ...
  2. Some Wearing Notes...

    I just got some vintage Emeraude. It smelled like moth balls for 5 minutes before I got the familiar scent I remember from the 70's.

    Chanel No. 5. I finally get it. The aldehydes smell like bleached linen. If I hadn't read the Secret History of Chanel No. 5 I would never have understood that.

    Tried Black Orchid at Bloomingdales. My boyfriend reacted very positively. He said, "that one is for night."
  3. Vanille Noire Eau de Parfum Yves Rocher...........Almost there!

    It looks like there are quite a few people looking for that perfect Vanilla fragrance. Vanille Noire is almost the one for me but I was hoping for something a bit deeper for nights out on the town. Any suggest on Vanille Noire but better???
  4. Necessity is the mother of invention...

    Given my very limited budget and small collection, when I get the urge for a new or very particular scent there are few options.

    Today, I wanted something spicy and warm of which there are probably thousands but none of which have entered my personal supply. So, thinking that I love the warmth of Hypnotic Poison (perfume, splash bottle) and the rubber tang of Bvlgari Black I've decided to layer them.

    So far so good. There's vanilla in both that seems to be encouraging ...
  5. Fragrance and Ethnocentrism

    This may be a bit of a difficult topic, but itís one I feel Iíve been wanting to address for a long time, and so Iím going to give it a try. As a preface, let me just recommend that if youíre feeling defensive about your own cultural perspective, perhaps you ought to leave this post for now and come back to it when you think you can take a more impartial view of it.

    Well, a long time ago now, I started a thread in which I inquired how closely the whole project of fragrance-making was

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