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  1. Last batch o' samples

    Welp, I got try them all out now! Acqua di Sale is somewhat of a disappointment. Normally that'd be a bad thing, but considering it's $240 for a bottle, I'm quite happy that I don't like it. It's meant to evoke the feeling of the ocean, but it more or less smells sickly and much like something you'd use to clean a floor with. Maybe with a bit of a lime skittle note. Definitely not for me. From my last sample haul, I got a sample of Sel Marin which I feel is FAR more successful. Not only that, it's ...
  2. Too Special for Words

    Have you ever had a perfume that was so special, important or beautiful to you, that you put off writing a review, because you simply couldn't put it into words? l have, & l decided to attempt my first blog post on it, instead of trying to fit the story into a review.

    For me, that perfume is Estee Lauder Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia.

    ln 2008, after being into perfume pretty much all my life, l was seeing a guy from California who told me he disliked my "old ...
  3. Wow! My "Verses" must've done a number on the BNote site!

    Ever since I put up my groups of words about scents nobody else has put up a word at all!
  4. Career Choices using your Nose

  5. The Cologne verses.........

    There once was a man from Nantucket
    who wore a pretty smelling toilet water that he kept in a bucket.......

    I am a simpleton
    my fragrances are won through low bids on ebay, but hey!..
    maybe one fine day my low priced scents will help me find a gal like Kate Middleton........

    Adidas, Byblos, Kanon and Bel Ami...........liquid smells w/various notes like vetiver from the isle of Haiti..........some I have come to love and others I will just sell, ...

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