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  1. Very good fortune

    I just need to share some very, very lucky news
    If you are sensible about bragging you might want to stop right here.

    Let me begin at the start, I'l try to make it short :

    About a week ago (end of April) I happened to check my spam filter by chance and, again by chance, opened a newsletter from AusLiebeZumDuft or FirstinFragrances as I think it's called internationally.

    The newsletter was about a 3 (?) weeks promotion for their ...
  2. Basenotes Hacked last night

    At around midnight (GMT) last night, Basenotes was hacked. If you visited the site early enough before we took the site offline would have seen a black page with the following message, and video:

    Hacked by Team Animus

    - video -

    From Sweden with <3

    As soon as we heard about the hack, we (in laymans terms) switched the site off and displayed a message saying that the site was down and we would post further updates on our Twitter page. I fell asleep ...

    Updated 8th May 2011 at 10:03 AM by Grant

    Behind the Scenes , Tech
  3. SOTD: Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

    Quote Originally Posted by Bossa Nova View Post
    I wonder if anyone use this cologne? is it any good?
  4. Another Day to Walk and Sniff in NYC

    Saturday, April 30th was a "perfect storm"-- glorious weather, the 2011 Guerlain Muguet released, and the Sniffapalooza event, with vendors prepared. We did not join the Sniffa group but did our own thing.

    My husband, teenaged daughter and I took an early train into NYC Saturday with an itinerary in hand that enabled us to visit a number of stores on foot before they closed at 6 or 7 p.m.

    We started at Saks. I made a beeline for Guerlain, eager to test ...
  5. A note of appreciation to The Perfume Shoppe

    Hi Guys,

    I'm the new kid here - hope this is appropriate.

    Just received a 100ml of Montale's Blue Amber from The Perfume Shoppe in Vancouver, B.C. Even if it is almost May, I'm a total freak for Amber and this is, IMO, among the best!

    At the time, I was actually shopping for the best price. TPS not only had a Montale promotion going on, but their level of service turned out to be phenomenal. I asked for three samples (two Andy Tauer's and one of Comme ...

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