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  1. Another love has died... RIP Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan

    I mentioned a while ago that major dietary changes seem to have completely screwed up my skin chemistry and rendered many of my old HG / faves obsolete. Now I have way too much perfume to just go out and buy more but sadly I am far from my collection at the moment so do need to choose alternatives.

    Anyway, the dietary changes were:

    Cut out 90% processed sugars
    Cut out all dairy products
    Cut out egg and egg protein containing foods - including egg lecithin
  2. XS

    VERY STYLISH AND MEN a man who says that it was masculine SMELL LIKE MINT AND MİSK inseparably
  3. Variables

    Well I've finally decided to take the plunge and try to write my first ever blog post of any kind. Of course it would be about this hobby of fragrances that has grabbed such a hold on me.

    My subject for this post is the limitless variability that can be found in wearing fragrances. I've been thinking about this a lot lately as I have been doing more and more sampling and experimenting. There is so much variability in my opinion that it's a wonder those of us who love to discuss ...
  4. My new love: Esperys by LT Piver

    Ok, it really should be an old love. This is my review of Esperys (1903), which will appear in due time on basenotes directory.

    I have a vintage sample of Esperys EDT by Piver, although I am not sure of the date of manufacture. I have done some online research and have discovered that the perfumer is husband of Piver heiress Berta Piver, M. Jacques Rouché along with chemist Georges Darzens.

    Jacques Rouché besides being the head of Piver, and the creator of several ...

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  5. visit beijing

    when I was 6 years old, my father took me along with him for a business, we transitted in Beijing Railway Station, and stayed there for one big day. We visited the Forbidden city, the Tian'an men Square. In my memory , the Forbidden city was large, the buildings were mainly in red, I couldn't take a so long walk to visit all buildings , it's so tired for me and it's also a pity in my life. Althought I transit in Beijing Airport several times , I have no time to visit it.
    If friends ...

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