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  1. Pitter Patter...

    Cold rainy weather always make for perfect days to try scents, especially if it's a Sunday morning. Sampled the Van Cleef & Aprels Collection Extraordinaire on my wrist and snuggled back under the covers, bliss.

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  2. My New Iris

  3. Layering with Bal a Versailles

    I just blind-bought a mini of BaV at a junk/antiques/curios shop. I loved the fragrance, and was amazed by its legendary longevity. Then, I started experimenting with layering. I started with Jazz, because I think it is a related fragrance. The result was impressive, the two frags fitting together to make something bigger than both. I was not surprised to find it was lingering on my arm for most of the next day. Then, I decided to try another YSL, Opium pour Homme. This didn't work nearly ...
  4. New Discoveries

    As noted before...this is mainly for my own personal reference...or whatever.
    I am SO happy that the weather is turning colder here in Denmark and I can get back to wearing my favorite summer-inappropriate scents. I have been swapping like crazy on MUA and have recently fallen in love with Etat Libre d Oranges Fat Electrician. I was given a 3ml sample and after two wearings I have ordered a bottle, finances be damned. I had earmarked that money for a bottle of L'Heure but I guess it will ...
  5. Which do you should be a signature scent?

    I recently recieved these as gifts. Which would you consider as a signature scent:
    Blue Sugar Aqualina
    Eau d'Sud Annick Goutal
    Hanae Mori

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