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  1. SotD Friday 06 August

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    Estee Lauder - White Linen

    Blazing-hot, white rose scent- pierces through all others.
    I always think of clean, white sheets,
    and the sun bleaching them.

    Created by Sophia Grojsman in 1978.
    Top: citrus, peach and jasmine.
    Heart: lilac, rose and amber.
    Base: cedarwood, sandalwood and benzoin.
  2. Green Irish Tweed VS Cool Water - My Opinion

    If there is one topic that keeps coming back on the forum, it's the Green Irish Tweed VS Cool Water "fight".

    I own a bottle of Cool Water and decided to buy a sample of GIT.

    Do they smell the same? Oh yes indeed.
    But there are clear differences to me.

    Green Irish Tweed seems to be richer.
    The ingredients are certainly from a higher quality.
    This smells "rounder", better blended.

    In terms of longevity ...
  3. SOTF Wednesday 04 August 2010

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    Dulcis in Fundo

    Creamy, citrus-flavored vanilla.
    Childhood memories abound,
    and new ones are created.
    Delight your senses.

    Mexican vanilla bean is the key.
  4. B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful - where has it gone?

    I understand that it was an offshoot from Lush (which I've avoided like the plague as long as it's been on the High Street because the smell pouring from the shops was so pungent). I saw the BNTBTBB shops but sauntered past them several times, not realising that they did fragrances - now that I've found out (and would like to try them) I find that they've closed down their operation in the UK.

    Have the perfumes gone for good too?
  5. SotD-Monday 2 AUGUST 2010!

    Quote Originally Posted by kumquat View Post

    Henry Meynell Rheam, 1904

    Serge Lutens-Bois de Violette

    Boozey and bold, this scent is charged with atlas cedar,
    violet leaves and flowers.
    A bright brass band at first, it settles into a charming,
    sweet rendition of the flower in the woods
    at a madcap party where the punch is flowing.
    Splash it on!