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  1. The Strange Life of JaimeB

    And now, on a more pleasant note...

    I'm writing this at the tail end of my birthday, a day to rejoice, relax, and have fun, all of which I did in spades!

    Early in the day, I went downtown, shopped at Jacqueline for shower gel, met a French guy from Bordeaux there, and triangulated between him and André, the owner of the shop. Tried Amouage Reflection, and decided I didn't really love it; a bit too musky-spicy on my skin — not my favorite combination on me, though it seems

    Updated 18th January 2011 at 04:46 AM by JaimeB

    Personal Reflections
  2. Fire and Ice

    Fire is always in my belly when I talk about perfume. I mean, I may seem calm, cool, and collected on the outside, but don't doubt my passion about all things fragrant!

    When can you doubt me? When I suddenly turn chilly... Most of the time, "in neutral," so to speak, I'm pretty warm, naturally friendly, and ingratiatingly inquisitive. I think (and people tell me) that I project a kindly and friendly feeling in my usual state. As the birthdays go by, I think I seem to be getting
  3. I'm just the expert in the room

    Oh hai BN! I've been doing quite a bit of purchasing lately! Lots of success! A 10ml decant of Guerlain's SDV, a sample of Dior Homme Intense (haven't gotten yet), 4 samples of Noir de Noir, a sample of Costume National 21, a sample of Brooklyn, and 2 100ml bottles of By Man.

    I've tried SDV and By Man before, so I already knew of their amazingness. I'd also smelled Noir de Noir on a card, and was intrigued, but needed to try it on skin. The only failure of the lot goes to Brooklyn. ...
  4. Bond no 9 Saks New Orleans, Saks Boca, Saks Texas, Saks Las Vegas

    Does anyone have any samples to sell, swap from any of the above Bond no 9 scents?

    Please get in touch

    Thanks very much

  5. creed's "les floralies"

    I havent heard anything abut creed's les floralies from other basenoters!So lets hear it! My atomizer that i got less than two months ago is just about empty and i know i will miss it much (since it is a limited adittion scent)

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